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10 Questions...

Here we go....

Describe yourself in 7 words... Oh..loyal, hard working, stubborn, determined, competitive, emotional and a multi tasker. I like to think all the things that sound harsh are all in a good way but some may see it another ;)

What keeps you up at night? Work, ever since the website launched I haven't managed bed before 11pm and that is forcing myself to go to bed. Its all good as I am so full of fabulous ideas and creating amazing pathways but it is not good for the shut eye!

Who would you like to be? I would love to be a pro athlete, paid to train and do sports... bliss. 

What are you wearing right now? Tracksuit.. it is a rainy day and me n the kids are hanging at home but I won't kid myself.. my tracksuit has been my outfit of choice for many a years.. at home or otherwise

What scares you? Not being the best Mum my kids deserve, I am scared of mice I found out when one got trapped in the house (yet I pick up spiders in my hands..well not anymore as in Aus),the idea that I will ever be old and live with regrets.. and oh my to loose my health would seriously scare me

What are the best and worst things about blogging? 

Best.. well I have met some REALLY lovely people and am amazed at the support that is out there.. I have found it a nice place to be most of the time

Worst.. it is time consuming and I sometimes get a little lost with why I do it. I have seen a few comments get nasty on other blogs and that is pretty sad..

What was the last website you visited?  well come on.. I am on there all day pulling pics for magazines, sharing to FB,answering question for customers or helping our sellers.. that is my job.. and i love it

What is one thing you would like to change about yourself? All my strengths can sometimes be weakness so all those things I used to describe me in question 1 are me 100%.. now all those at 70% would lead to a 100% better me but I am happy as I am, we can't all be perfect and I wouldn't want to change too much as then me n hubby wouldn't work quite so well together..

Slankets – yes or no? Get outta here, no way.. a snuggie to all those in Aus.. Sleeved blanket things.. great in concept but no way jose...

Tell us something about the person who tagged you? Lisa is one of the talented ones.. I found her via her images as they drew me in and had me wanting to know more. Anyone that has a visual talent like hers always makes me want to know more about the face behind the lens      

Now I have to tag 5 other bloggers so I will choose 

Leanne at Sweet Style 
Beth at Baby Mac 

Beth won't do it but I would love to see her answers so am tagging her anyway because I am stubborn.. remember? 


  1. What great answers. We were tagged as well, so pop over to our blog to see what answer we gave. Have a nice day .
    PS: I'm also wearing a tracksuit...hard to believe in February, but the weather is crappy!

  2. Thanks for sharing:) I can relate to the questioning of blogging response of late... I had a pretty nasty email from a 'friend' relating to me keeping a blog late last year, and have been too insecure to post much since:(

    Also, in Brissy, it's dreary but a little too warm for the old faithful tracky... but I am wearing the next best thing - a bonds short sleeve sloppy joe with comfy cotton shorts:)

    1. Oh Kathy don't let a supposed friend that clearly is not much of one stop you from blogging, especially if you are missing it x

  3. Thanks for the tag - love your answers - have that trackie on too - bloody weather! Will get my post up soon!

  4. Great to learn more about you Tess! Love the 'get outta here' to slankets... relieved we won't be seeing those on down that little lane's website! I relate to some of your answers particularly the not getting to bed before 11pm... this is the life of us mummy business women.

  5. Love the no whining & running pictures


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