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Collections Part 2

I decided to continue my Collections Series... the bits and pieces that make up your family life are what the heart and soul of a home are about. Our blogs are here for us so this is me being selfish and creating some memories for me to look back on when all this things have moved on to new homes as they no doubt will....

These are snapshots from the kids new playroom I will post pics of that later.. What collections do you have in your house?


  1. I really love this series, I think it's great to make a feature of the goodies that make up our daily lives - the doll's house is adorable!

  2. We have the boot... I love those little fairies! We also have a large dollshouse that looks nothing like your beautiful dollshouse and is nowhere near as tidy! x

    1. That beautiful dolls house was kitty's 1st Christmas pressie from both sets of grandparents and never gets used... It is sacrilege...


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