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Grateful for Silence

This week I am grateful for Silence..

I have done a lot of thinking.... I am one of those people who when they have stuff to do they just have to get it done. I have endless lists and I am very organised but I don't deal well with those lists getting to long.

This week I sat back and did lots of planning and made lots of decisions, my lists had to fall by the way side a bit and well that made me a little tense but I did two full days of sitting in Silence and planning and now things seem clear.

Sometimes you just have to take the time to look out the window and let the thoughts flow, they jumble and confuse but if you do it in silence they finally clear and it all just seems to fall into place so this week I am graeteful I sat in Silence..

Do you sit in silence often? you should try it, it was bliss x


  1. im glad you got some silence lady. I wouldn't mind some myself!

    Rowantree's logo looks great in your side bar- tres impressive!

    xo em


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