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I am Grateful..

Some weeks it is hard to be grateful for much.. that sounds so pessimistic I even want to shout at myself but some weeks you are just consumed by work  I try and look outside the box for my grateful posts so this week there is nothing.

I love my work, it is amazingly long hours, I juggle a million glass balls and wear many, many hats but it is worth every tear on those hard days when I get a email from someone who has shopped on my website and loved the experience I get goosebumps and grin like a Cheshire cat for the whole day.

This week I am grateful that one of our lovely customers took the time to do just that, a certain Leanne made my day.. " Hello, now that all my parcels have arrived I am excited to say how happy I am that I found this site. I love the unique designs and the friendliness of the individual store owners. Thanks for all the lovely things that I am finding hard to resist! I look forward to many more purchases in the near future. Kind Regards Leanne "

She didn't have to bother but she did and I am ever so grateful for that xx


  1. I hope you don't drop those glass balls - sounds dangerous!

    What a lovely gesture from your customer to take the time to send a personal thank you. I bet she didn't realise how much it would mean to you.

    1. She will never know but that doesn't matter as her intentions well and truly worked as I am sure she hoped to raise a smile x

  2. Such a kind gesture of your customer to say thank you . I had winners of a comp say thank you and it made me smile too.

  3. I'm very glad that your tremendous hard work is giving back to you already. x


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