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I am Grateful..

So this weeks topic with the gorgeous Maxabella is Nature... I love that Bron is giving us themes now as my life of the last 3 months has turned a little hectic and when I think about my "Grateful Posts" I can get a little lost... pathetic I would have to say is it is really not hard to be grateful for the small stuff.


So what with Nature this week well you know what it served me up a mother load of rain on Tuesday, check that picture above of my back garden at 7.30am!. The thing was I had gone to bed the night before saying I was going to run up to North Head.. woke up got this and thought blegh, bugger that THEN I decided blegh to that too and ran up there anyway.

I am grateful I did.. running in the rain I felt in control, I was nice and cool, it was refreshing and most of all I saw inspiring views and felt like I had stuck to my goals. If nature hadn't decided to chuck it down I would never have been quite so chuffed at the end if that run. So Thank you Nature I am Grateful you were having a rainy day!