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Its a Love Story..

...and it is my love story so I made a little Valentines gift to tell my boy just so....

The card idea was from Pinterest and I just used white out and the quote I have read many a times.. It could have been better stamped if my kids had not been helping but its not important as its more about the message than the look.

Kitty then asked if she could do something so we added a tag from each of them to the back.... we don't do flowers but I am still jealous when someone else does.. what did you all get or what are you doing for Valentines?


  1. This is so beautiful! Now THAT is how you do Valentines Day!

  2. What a beautiful idea. We went out for breakfast. We don't really do gifts for Valentines, never have. But I do like hearing about other people's gifts/day.

  3. Instead of looking for the original I have pinned yours!
    Hope you dont mind, :)

  4. Beautiful. THe best gifts are handmade, homebaked & heartfelt. Love Posie

  5. beautiful! I think it is great to include the children in the celebrations too x

  6. Tessa, I loved these framed cards... I keeping those in mind for next year. X


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