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The Playroom

Oh the joys.. for an OCD storage clean away nutter like me the ability to let my kids make mess with no dramas from Mum has been bliss. This came about as a result of having them share a bedroom and I am so glad we did as I have a toy free living room ;)

I maybe go in once a week and return a few things to original spots but generally they seem to pack stuff away themselves or they leave them in little collections that just look cute so I don't mind.

Do you have playrooms? I am loving just to get them to stop watching my TV ;)


  1. I love your playroom , looks very creative. and I understand how messy kids can be around the house even though I dont have any. But this playroom looks awesome. love the teepee idea :-)

    1. I love that Tee pee too.. they sit in and read books it is so cute x

  2. Such a cool school room blackboard! Great kid space Tessa.

  3. What a great room! I love the artwork corner and the teepee must be well loved :)


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