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Blue Skies and Thunderstorms..

Ever watched the thunderstorm roll in whilst the skies are still a beautiful blue? this week I was hit by the thunderbolt and it got me thinking.. words are so powerful and have such a huge effect we need to be so careful how we use them..

Work is still all blues skies which is fab but this week I was hurt deeply by some words that were written.... the worst thing is I realised that I too have done this  to someone I love dearly. About  a year ago I wrote an off hand comment on Facebook that was read in the wrong fashion and hurt someone I love, we didn't talk for a long while, we ended up with me confronting it head on and had a huge argument, we made up and because we truly love each other it has passed and this week I realised how lucky I am that the person I hurt allowed us to do that because some may not have.

I guess my reason for the post is to say be careful of the written word, think about how it can be received and know that words have tremendous power and that can be both positive and negative and unfortunately the negative lasts so much longer than the positive. Have you written something you regret? I know I have or have you never forgotten something someone said?


  1. Mel@Georgica POnd8 March 2012 at 10:51

    I think that's one of the greatest dangers we face with the widespread use of email, texting and social media. Once it's out there, you can't take it back. Much better in the old days when the only way to communicate was actually talk to each other, then there was much less chance of misunderstanding and hurt feelings. It's very tempting to hide behind the written word and be a moral coward, particularly anonymously! Hope you're okay. I'm mildewed and having to replace my car with a boat to get the kids to school. PS Tom's having a panic about the roots of the figs and going to dig them all up this weekend and move them! ARGH!!!!

  2. I agree with Mel above. It's more and more prevalent and I really wish someone would develop those social media 'fonts' that we all need so much.

    I am often caught out because I take criticism pretty well and I forget that others are not like that. I try to filter myself, but that feels unnatural.

    Like I said, working on it!! x


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