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Frock Up..

I finally got a chance to read a trash mag that one of my besties dropped by on the weekend and it was an Oscars one of course so there were some fabulous dresses.. I wanted to see more so hit google on Sunday night and ended up on a few other events.

I thought I would share my faves... just because.. well despite never showing it in the way I dress or present my self I rather love fashion.. but as you will see my fashion tastes run with my home decor colours ..

Love Helena, not mad about the feathery effect but beautiful

Love me a bustle for glamour and that blue/grey is divine

Ok she looks a little skinny but sexy, slinky black..oooh

Adore Grey, Adore slinky but straight cut.. lush..

Sex Kitten.. OMG...
What was your favourite dress? I liked Gwyneths Cape Jacket but the dress was not so amazing underneath.... I could go to town on the failures but prefer to gawp at the yummy ones x

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