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Grateful to have the free recharge...

This week I am grateful for the Sunshine..

It soothes the soul, revives the spirit and even gives you rosy cheeks..

Most of the week we all stare at it from behind the glass as life is busy and we can't all lay on the sand all day long but even sitting on a step, hitching your skirt and just closing your eyes to soak it up can be the 10 minute hit you need..

But the thing I am most grateful for is it is a free recharge its nice to have things that come at no cost but are priceless in their results. Next time its sunny just stop at a bench, sit on a step, walk an extra block as a detour just to soak it up.. You won't be sorry xx

* if you just don't get much sun where you are hop over here and grab yourself a little reminder... I have ;)

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  1. Yesterday's weather was the most glorious thing. I always say 'Spring is my favourite', but can we really beat those Autumn sunshiney days? x


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