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Its simple

This weeks grateful is SOOOO easy.. It is hubbys B day today, a St Paddys Boy.. and our friend Lisa is celebrating her 50th so we are off out to party with her tonight..

I am so grateful I get to celebrate his B day with no effort on my part.. Off to party without paying for or organising a party.. HOW GOOD?!. I am also off to buy Lisa a big fat Gift Voucher for our website (which is of no discount to me before you think I am being cheap.. It costs me what it cost, lol) just because her stealing his B day ROCKS!!

I am hoping she has a spread from our fab seller Leanne but really I am just looking forward to letting my hair down and enjoying some time with close friends and my boy.. what are you grateful for this week? Mine was simple.. Thank you Lisa and Happy Birthday ;)


  1. BIG birthday wishes to Marcus - hope he has a great day, despite having to work, bugger about that.

  2. I hope your Paddy's boy had a great time at your mate's 50th. Result! x


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