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Let that Dragon Roar..

I have always known I am competitive and that I was capable of rising to any challenge presented to me but recently I am finding a new trait within me.. its a inner strength that has me feeling like I can rise up and roar like a dragon.

Why a dragon? Because this roar comes from the belly, it comes from deep inside, from a place I have never ventured. I am not sure if that is because I have never needed to or never wanted too but whichever it is I have discovered it now and I feel mighty. I have been self employed all my life and I have worked in industries where people pick fault in your daily as part of that job and I can take it, oh boy can I take it but on the days that I am tired and emotional from too many hours working and two children I never had in those previous industries I am now finding I have to breathe deep into my belly and roar, it is such a strong visual for me in gives me goosys and it partners with my old mantra for racing of "bring it on". I am sharing because it doesn't matter who you are or what you do you too can feel empowered.. just don't be scared to venture to that place. I wish I had been forced to do it ages ago.

How do you find your dragon? or is yours a different friendly beast?


  1. Woo - I got goosebumps reading this. I love this idea Tessa. Usually when it all gets to much for me I run away into myself. I like your dragon roaring idea MUCH better!

  2. Roar right back at you, inner Tessa dragon! Such a great visual, gutsy.

    My inner dragon is a bit more inner foal - when it gets too much for me, I get skittish. x

  3. Mel@Georgica Pond15 March 2012 at 15:46

    I"m not sure my dragon is as positive and embracing as your dragon - mine is more of a cranky, screaming, impatient, fire breathing, gets the shits quickly, kind of dragon that my kids don't seem to be scared of anymore because they see it so often! I'm too tired to be anything else!


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