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Life can get a little out of control...

The highs and the lows can really catch you unaware can't they? It is hard to get things in perspective sometimes. I have had a week full of surprises and amazing opportunities, met inspiring individuals and been overwhelmed by how things just fall into place when you least expect it then today for just an hour or two it all went a bit like this...

how do you cope when you get bowled a curve ball? I went in the bedroom had a good cry and then called my hubby followed by my business partner.. 2 hours later I was back to me ;)


  1. I take time out to nurture my spirit. Pick up a book, have a picnic (with sweeties of course), go feel the sand beneath my toes.. all the good stuff ;)

  2. A good cry, a chat to our dearest and that's about all we can do!

    My purchases arrived today and I am over the moon with them. Thank you, dear Tessa. x

  3. I can't even begin to DESCRIBE the power of a good cry.

    I adore it!

    I hope everything's back on track, & exciting, & surprising again :) xx

  4. OH I can so relate!!!! Im just glad I am not alone in the journey :)


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