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Q&A with our Giveaway

From Kirsty one half of KinKit:)

Why did you choose your business name?

We all have people in our life that we naturally create bonds with…our 'kin'. People that understand us, create with us or just generally 'get' us.

Our business name KinKit evolved from caring for our 'kin' and creating the special Remedy 'kits' for them…

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few years?

We were originally approached by a big company to design some natural skin care products for them, lots of meetings, business plans, financials but little emphasis on helping others or balance.
Ann had been teaching Aromatherapy, Massage and Bach Flower Remedies for many years and I had studied Herbalism and Naturopathy so we used this experience to create our own business without compromising the product content or our belief systems.
Ironically, the first Kinkit Remedy we created was Even Keel, made with Bach Flowers and we love this remedy. We think of it as our maintenance remedy, it’s the one that keeps you balanced and true to yourself through all kinds of emotional squalls and rough weather.
The highlights has been to see that you don't have to have everything worked out, just start, the next step will turn up and it's possible to make it work for everyone.

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

Creating Remedies through KinKit has been a common bond, through quite different periods in our life. Kirsty having two small children, Ann travelling alot.
A big bonus of owning your own business is having the freedom to design your own work hours and schedule, to make your own decisions at every level and to be really proud of your own product. We were absolutely determined to use our skills to create products that really delighted and helped others, ones that we knew we could say….here take this…this might help. Something you could send, when you 'couldn't be there'.
We have also connected with others who we would not normally have met….often just via email…  'down that little lane' is a perfect example of this. Tessa emailed me after finding the Remedies online…we loved the fact that she understood what we were trying to express and was so open and encouraging.

What inspires or motivates you?

We are inspired by the Remedies, nature and the opportunity to have fun and be creative at the same time.
It's quite amazing to help people create 'shifts' in their perspective with the help of a carefully selected Remedy. For us, the Remedies are the perfect antidote to stress and help you  'realign' your emotions.
We are particularly motivated to help make the KinKit Remedies accessible to people who may have not been exposed to flower remedies in the past.

..and lastly tell me one things about yourself that you love but has nothing to do with business.

Following a trip we made to India, we wanted to do something together to make a difference, so together with a whole lot of our friends (kin) we have an involvement with an orphanage in India that brings us lots of joy!

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  1. Wow that's a lovely photo. It was really nice to see the face and read the story behind such a yummy brand. x


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