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Grateful for the bright stuff...

This week I am grateful for the small stuff that brightens my day. I have had a tough week emotionally. Workwise I am going gangbusters but my personal struggles are weighing me down. I have absolutely nothing to complain about so seriously I need to just suck it up.. Life is good..

This week I am grateful for the small stuff.

I am grateful for the house in Mosman I ran past with bountiful Bougainvillea falling over its walls that I may or may not have taken home a rather long stem of to brighten my kitchen.

I am grateful for the sunny Tuesday morning that I ran along the harbour foreshore. I was so in need of that run I almost cried when I finished..

I am grateful for my children's vitality.. to watch them jump off logs in the park makes me smile and warms me to the core.

I am also grateful I finally hung my Rothko next to my tram scroll I had designed for hubby.. the balance had been wrong in that corner forever and every time I looked there it bugged me. I just didn't have the black frame that worked only beech.. now I do and I kick myself I didn't do it earlier!

Sometimes it seems hard to be truly grateful but once you actually think about it there is ALWAYS something and that is the beauty of trying. I always feel positive after my grateful posts so Thanks Bron. I am sure I am not the only one xx

When did I get like this?..

I am so disappointed in myself of late.. I have been analysing it all and trying to work out where I went wrong to correct it. Thing is it all happened when I had my gorgeous children.
Before the kids I was on top of birthdays, I remembered them all and bought presents 3 months in advance.
Before the kids I loved to cook.
Before the kids I could do a 2 hr run and back it up with a workout again in the afternoon.
Before the kids I was fierce and strong.
Before the kids I worked and still managed to play..

Now don't get me wrong I love my kids to bits and I am NOT giving them up for anything but I am crap....

I forget birthdays until the day they are happening (if it is not someone I see or chat to daily).
I "sustain" my husband, I don't even call it feeding him as he just gets something plonked in front of him at night.
I manage to exercise 3/4 times a week but it leaves me so tired I am either cranky with the kids later or just let them eat junk so they will stop the noise.
I am an emotional weiner, I get upset over nothing and..
I never have time to even window shop between work, house and chores.

Why did I get like this? Surely I can change it now it is clear to me? Is it just a mother thing, how are children so time consuming? Tell me you feel the same.. *or of not lie to me and tell me you know lots of others that do*

Arty Farty....

I came across this on the weekend and am obsessing about doing a mini version for the kids playroom... I am going to be scouring the charity shops for bright coloured cars over the next few months and am thinking Christmas Pressie for me to them.... It is 3 metres wide and took 2500 cars by David T Waller... a Brit

It appeals to my OCD as does this dude that does these artworks on an ever bigger scale for his books.... gotta love an organised looney.... I have a special place in my heart for OCD natures.

What are your looney tendancies? I love the quirky things.. it is what make us individual.. no? xx

Who won the Quint Design Giveaway?...

Well that would be .....

Posie Patchwork

Woo hoo , well done Posie, lovely to see a long time follower come up on the random number ;)

Get in touch with Mel via her FB Page or her Blog and she will have your prize out to you ASAP..

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Q&A with Our Giveaway

Naughts and Crosses owner Louise is a delightful girl, we have never met but we talk often on e mail.. lets just say I like her a lot ;)

Why did you choose your business name?

Naughts & Crosses was named after the wooden game I played every holidays with my Nana, The products we choose and make are quirky and have a real sense of nostalgia to them and so it only felt right to name it after a game i have so many fond memories of.

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

Meeting all the lovely customers! It makes my hear flutter to hear one of our customers talk about how much they adore something from our range and how it reminds them of their own childhood.

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few years?

We have had lots of highlights, Nothing is more exciting than when you are contacted by a magazine or a blog you love and told that they love you too!

What inspires or motivates you?

Everything! Children, fabrics, artists, fashion,  books and culture, I find a new inspiration and motivation everyday whether it be someone who has made a beautiful cake and blogged about it or one on my 3 year old friends telling me a story about her doll, I am always searching for new ways to transform these ideas and inspirations into products for Naughts & Crosses

..and lastly tell me one things about yourself that you love but has nothing to do with business.

Breakfast! I love going out for breakfast on a weekend! Most of the time i am rushing around and don't stop to eat properly but Breakfast is about the only time I can arrange to catch up with friends and order something I have been craving all week long!

Summat from Nowt..

I have a pinterest board named this... it is full of things to inspire or just plain copy because really it is so easy to create something from nothing so go try.. ah gawan...

Do you do much DIY? what have you created from next to nothing?...

Grateful for what I am usually not..

This week I am grateful for all the things that are usually just a bit of a time waster and sometimes even a chore.. I am grateful for.... Facebook and Twitter... there I said it.

I mean I love Facebook for connecting with new people on the business page and of course my family but as I have previously moaned.. it is a far too addictive or even demanding (well that is sorta my fault).

This week I have played confidante and had a really lovely, even if a little sad, transatlantic banter night and day with a very special person in my life who needed to chat but often doesn't.

This week I have had some really encouraging words from the DTLL likers on FB and also on this blog in response to my little dilema on Thursday

This week I have been able to follow pages on FB that I really needed some advice from... a new field that I had never thought I would need but desperately did.. 

This week I had some gorgeous new sellers contact me on Twitter

So this week I am grateful  for something I am usually not.. Social networking has been nothing like a waste of precious time that could be spent reading or playing with my kids, it has been enriching and postitive so thanks Mr Zuckerberg and Mr Dorsey. You have done me proud xx

* oh did you enter the giveaway yet?

And the winners are....

We have three winners from the Banjara Giveaway..

Gabrielle Leago, Diane Tabbagh and Debby Mc Grath

Congratulations guys, your bracelet will be on its way to you very soon ;)

Yeah, Yeah, thanks for nothing

I got a phone call yesterday from the owner of our childcare. She wanted to know how I planned to manage the fact that my son shouts when he gets frustrated?.. Also how we should manage his pushing along with whether I think he should be back in speech therapy (he was a late talker).

I was heartbroken. I firstly thought WTF has he done today at school? Secondly have I now got a "Spirited Child" on my hands and should I email Em? Thirdly I thought his speech was pretty good these days?... have all my mates been lying to me?.

So the conversation ends with not much resolved other than we will chat with the teachers (who she claimed didn't have any answers).. 2 hours of feeling quite sad that I was raising a bully and I rock up to childcare..

"How has Harrington been?" I ask his favourite teacher and the gorgeous older lady they have there.... Oh he has had a wonderful day, he did throw a toy in annoyance but we just removed it and said "you must not throw toys", that he is communicating so well with the others now that he can chat and that when he gets stroppy it makes them laugh that he is immediately calm after and says of his own accord "sorry" and gives them a hug!!

Its made me paranoid about what I think is just normal boy behaviour. He gives such amazing cuddles, asks after all his favourite people all the time and is so in love with his sister its just beautiful..

Do I crack down hard and curb his real personality growing or do I ignore the owner who, FYI just owns and does not attend the centre, and stop him throwing toys *obviously* but let the rest be?

To cage the young mare, saddled and whipped with reins on him or let him run free, to buck and bolt but come home to a loving stable at night?

Oh Marion....

I love me my weatherboard.. oh my I love me my weatherboard (after all I can never have this in Old Blighty) but I do dream of a Mega Modern too.

I can be so fickle when it comes to Interior Design.. I love vintage , adore creating vignettes yet if you offered me a polished concrete floor with shiny surfaces and minimalist decor I would be in like Flynn.

Anywho my latest affair is with Marion. She lives in Tasmania so we may not see each other that often but I will look at her photos often and lust after her lots.. I promise..

What do you think? Is she to your fancy? Apparently she offers herself about a bit....the rumour is you can rent her..Good Lord!!

Quint Design Giveaway

We have a giveaway... this is from the new and terribly funky designer Melina of quint design

So what's up for grabs? well any print you want from her edgy new range.. the point of difference for the quotes are their sarcastic and edgy undertone but if that aint your bag then just have her create a customised tram scroll print for you..

So what to do to enter? Easy.... and it is an offer open Worldwide :)

1. You need to be a follower of my page here

2. Head on over to her Facebook Page and give it a like then leave a post to let her know which design you would choose from her selection which can be seen here

DO THIS FOR ONE ENTRY.. and for more entries you can pop over to Mels new blog and follow her as she would think that was pretty cool and I am sure gain you another vote!!. Blog, twitter, fb or whatever you like.. just be sure to pop back and tell Mel or I  some how.

I will draw this comp just after Anzac Day ;)

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I just like it...

Am I grateful?

Oh Bron you always get me thinking.. I really have bugger all to bitch about in my life but when you say grateful I always feel it should be something decent, something meaty...

I have healthy kids (well K lay on the sofa most of Thursday rather pale but that was not the norm) and my little man is a pocket rocket.

I have an awesome husband, he supports me , loves me, understands me, cooks and get this.. this week he worked from home for a day whilst I was out on meetings and he managed to squeeze in finishing up a huge basket of washing AND cleaned the oven!!.. and BTW he was working all day.. I could tell by the desk (just in case his employees read this)

I have a job that I love, after all I created it so how could I not. I work ridiculous hours but it is all building something I am ever so proud of.

It seems that every real connection I make on this journey just keeps falling into place. Slotting in like they complete me, it sort of surprises me. You would think a printer is just a printer, but no, the printer I am working with shares my obsession with textures and finishes, he gets the detailing. Web designers are just tech bods with a dude that does the pictures for the front right?... Oh my no way.. my techy dude manages to write algorithms for any scenario I throw at him.. our designer changes colours by miniscule shades just to make it perfect on the eye and as for our Creative Director... the vision, the dreams, the foresight. They all share my collective passion. I have two more members to add to the board over the nest few months and they fit like a glove too.. I can't wait

Ok so there we go it appears this week I am grateful for healthy kids, I am grateful for a hubby that rocks and REALLY grateful for shared passions. A job filled with shared passions can't be bad hey?

Do you find it hard to be grateful or am I just a prat that over thinks it? I think the later.... I should be grateful for the small stuff.. yet again Bron.. thank you for making me think

Bettle Shack is having a Giveway.. Hop on..

It is simple.. go check it!!....

Eclectic in Missouri

 I love history.. nah not real history.. that is important but a tad boring. I am taking emotional history, nostalgic history, an items history... things that tell a story.

This nursery is filled with that and I love it.. ever since having my kids I have been changing the way I buy things so that everything I buy I want to keep it forever, I want my home items to have character and to remind them of times gone by as they get older.

I still have things that won't stand the test of time as they are too trendy or just a once only use but the artwork, the toys, the furniture... I hope it all becomes vintage classics for them.. do you buy that way too?