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Am I grateful?

Oh Bron you always get me thinking.. I really have bugger all to bitch about in my life but when you say grateful I always feel it should be something decent, something meaty...

I have healthy kids (well K lay on the sofa most of Thursday rather pale but that was not the norm) and my little man is a pocket rocket.

I have an awesome husband, he supports me , loves me, understands me, cooks and get this.. this week he worked from home for a day whilst I was out on meetings and he managed to squeeze in finishing up a huge basket of washing AND cleaned the oven!!.. and BTW he was working all day.. I could tell by the desk (just in case his employees read this)

I have a job that I love, after all I created it so how could I not. I work ridiculous hours but it is all building something I am ever so proud of.

It seems that every real connection I make on this journey just keeps falling into place. Slotting in like they complete me, it sort of surprises me. You would think a printer is just a printer, but no, the printer I am working with shares my obsession with textures and finishes, he gets the detailing. Web designers are just tech bods with a dude that does the pictures for the front right?... Oh my no way.. my techy dude manages to write algorithms for any scenario I throw at him.. our designer changes colours by miniscule shades just to make it perfect on the eye and as for our Creative Director... the vision, the dreams, the foresight. They all share my collective passion. I have two more members to add to the board over the nest few months and they fit like a glove too.. I can't wait

Ok so there we go it appears this week I am grateful for healthy kids, I am grateful for a hubby that rocks and REALLY grateful for shared passions. A job filled with shared passions can't be bad hey?

Do you find it hard to be grateful or am I just a prat that over thinks it? I think the later.... I should be grateful for the small stuff.. yet again Bron.. thank you for making me think


  1. Tessa, dear, I think you should just be grateful for being YOU. And grateful to be living a life made of good choices and dreams you make happen. And then I'd be grateful for texture. And algorithms. x

  2. this poster is an inspiration! Happy weekend

  3. A great family and a job you love - and you're grateful for it which is wonderful. :)


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