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Grateful for the bright stuff...

This week I am grateful for the small stuff that brightens my day. I have had a tough week emotionally. Workwise I am going gangbusters but my personal struggles are weighing me down. I have absolutely nothing to complain about so seriously I need to just suck it up.. Life is good..

This week I am grateful for the small stuff.

I am grateful for the house in Mosman I ran past with bountiful Bougainvillea falling over its walls that I may or may not have taken home a rather long stem of to brighten my kitchen.

I am grateful for the sunny Tuesday morning that I ran along the harbour foreshore. I was so in need of that run I almost cried when I finished..

I am grateful for my children's vitality.. to watch them jump off logs in the park makes me smile and warms me to the core.

I am also grateful I finally hung my Rothko next to my tram scroll I had designed for hubby.. the balance had been wrong in that corner forever and every time I looked there it bugged me. I just didn't have the black frame that worked only beech.. now I do and I kick myself I didn't do it earlier!

Sometimes it seems hard to be truly grateful but once you actually think about it there is ALWAYS something and that is the beauty of trying. I always feel positive after my grateful posts so Thanks Bron. I am sure I am not the only one xx


  1. Hey you - I've taken that 'I have nothing to complain about so suck it up approach' before and ended up in a ginormous hole. Don't do that to yourself babe - the way you feel is the way you feel. Honour it :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear you're a bit astray, Tess. Life is just so like that, isn't it!? x


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