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Grass is always.....

It is not a colour I use much in my home but I could certainly be persuaded.. what is your accent colour at home? Do you have one?


  1. these pictures are gorgeous. I'm a sucker for boring neutrals, but everything else annoys me after a while..

  2. I have these exact shades of greens in my home, I find them so restful and love how they link my home to the colours of the outdoors. I use the deeper olives and fig greens in the more formal areas and the zesty limes and avocados in the family room & kitchen. These are mainly teamed with white and some chocolates...I love my home <3

  3. Green, green the winning team!! x

  4. Hi there, I love your blog. I was just wondering whether you sell the light shades featured in the top photo? I am building a new house, adn love the look of them. Do you know where I could buy some? kind regards, Chelli

    1. Oh I wish I did!!... I might know someone who does similar though x


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