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Just a Quickie...a lil' Giveaway..

One of our sellers on DTLL, Lorenzo's Playground is having a little Giveaway.. she makes my favourite Name Cards.. So she has done a version for Mothers Day of a reverse version

You can personalise it with your own description or just stick with hers....

So what to do to win? Just comment underneath what you would have as your saying then pop over and like her FB Page and Ours whilst you are at it then on Sunday we will draw two winners and get them done and dusted and posted out ASAP...

Cute huh? Get commenting then....  :)


  1. I wouldn't change a thing .. the saying on that card has the perfect words for my mum.
    fingers crossed for me.

  2. Love this but unfortunately she's too far away to babysit! My mum's would say "1. Loves me in spite of myself. Stronger than she thinks she is. Lots of fun after one glass of wine!"

  3. These are gorgeous! Mine would say:
    1. Someone who loves me unconditionally. The guiding light in my universe - you always show me the way!

  4. Couldn't have said it better myself, I would leave my message untouched.

    I've liked both pages on Facebook (Elizabeth Phan)


    Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  5. Really great and so correct description of the word! I totally agree with this particular interpretation! Actually I wouldn't explain it in more appropriate way myself! Regards!

  6. My mum speaks French only and can't read English so I would have to write something in French. I could keep the words above and simply translate but the baby sitter bit doesn't apply, especially because we live 16,000 km from each other. I'd probably thank her about her support and encouragements instead.


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