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Just Sayin'

There are so many things I often think or want to say but never do and they crop up a lot, sometimes daily. I wish they would go away because I almost bore myself, so today I am going to put a few out there and see if I can banish them from my thoughts..

If you are on a strict diet an lil' muffin is not on the menu... you just said it was strict?!

I am VERY jealous I all my friends that have cleaners

If you are on a tight budget you don't have take away and no way do you eat out ... Home brand baby!

If your kid won't share their scooter don't bring it to a kids playground OR teach them to bloody well do so..

Yes a pink iced finger bun is not the best dietary requirement for my kids but it is a once a week treat so shut it Mrs "oh wow that must be VERY sweet for a little person like you" with a fake smile staring at me..

"My husband works such long hours.. He is not home until 6pm each night!!".. Try sometimes gone when kids wake and goes in to give them a kiss goodnight even though already in bed

Your not a full,full time working mum until you are forced to do all shopping chores on the weekend or after 7pm... I used to think I worked a lot.. That will teach me!

If you are going to other getting your butt to the gym don't go sit on the recumbent bike with a mag, on your iPhone going 50rpm on Level 3... you will not achieve anything

I am VERY jealous of my friends that have cleaners (oh did I say that already?!)

Ok that is all that springs to mind.. there are so many more, some are too rude and some just slip my mind for now. I may come back another day, lol.

What do you think or want to say that you just never do? Shout it here.. it may just help ;)


  1. There There....all bedda now ; ) x

  2. oh i know extactly how you feel and I must have a tonne of bruises from biting my tongue. But one of my pet pevs are those that are fortunate enough to go out and be able to get a job and bring home a wage check or eft these days and look down on me because I am at home assume I do nothing to help my husband and family. Well little do they know and at times i couldnt be bothered to tell them. but here is my job list. Full time mum, banker, accountant, councellor, cleaner, laundry matt attendent, taxi, the person that works in those complaint departments and has to listen to complaints all day but cant complain back, cook, baker, errand runner, food shopper, soccer mum, and in the wee hours of the morning and usually after 4am i do some work on my own business and then again after 10.30 pm and usuall go to bed about midnight and then get up at 4am again and do all the above all over again and then somemore, so to the lady that thought she was so great because she is a whatever at whatever company you work at and you get paid, well good for you. I do all the above for love and even though i dont get a pay check at the end of the week at least i have the love of my family who are so proud of their super fabulous multi talented mum. so dont worry you are doing well and never mind those who have nothing better to do.

    1. So, so true I hope that has made you feel better ;).. although writing it down make sit even more detailed.. I need a coffee just reading the list x

  3. oh i do its been on my mind for such a long time sorry for saying so much but i know excactly how you feel. you do such a wonderful job running this website and having kids and a husband to look after on top it is not easy but you do it. you just get up every day and do what you have to do without thinking about it because you love your family and want to do this for them. and then you get that one person who doesnt think before they speak and then its ahhhhhhhh!!! from there. i have had to put up with alot of those comments especially for some reason in the last few years and i dont say anything i just shrug and walk away. so when i saw your blog. i thought yes someone is willing stand up for us and speak so good job!!

  4. I would like to say that just because you have the title of a Mother, and you bear children, that doesnt automatically make you a Mum (or Mummy). You have to actually invest time, energy and love into your children. You have to earn their time, energy, love and respect. You dont just automatically get it. And. Just because you have children that doesnt mean they will automatically do whatever you want, whenever you want. It doesnt give you the right to be mean and cruel and uncaring and unsupporting but then expect for us to care and support and be nice and thoughtful back to you. You dont have the right to expect from your children if you dont give anything to them!

    Sorry... having a really bad mum week

    1. Couldnt agree more...I was amazed at how maternal I became post baby arrival, emotional and all the other things but it does not come naturally to all and some of my besties and I often wonder if we are missing a gene as I get so wound up by my kids but then realise they are just mini me's and purely my product. They need time and respect if that is what you would like back x

  5. The image should have been of someone with steam coming out their ears!!!!
    Women commenting on pink finger bun deserves a smack (or a finger bun in her nose!)
    Want to type more but too tired - just sending you a big 'you go girl' and promise that I am NOT one of those lazy asses on the recumbant bike (they're as bad as people who walk on the treadmill on 5.6 and 0.0 incline holding onto the handles!!!!!

    1. ROFL Libby, you are a crack up and thanks ;).. I know I am excessive in my training efforts but seriously sometimes I just...
      That said I am off to mow the lawn before I fall flat on the sofa from over exertion in a spin class this morning xx


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