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Pastel Perfect for Mum....

I can only really fit in one more Mothers Day Gift Guide after this as unless you are very local you sorta need to order for it to have made it to your house for the end of the week.... Pastels today and Bolds tomorrow?..

The Ultimate Beach Accessories

Avril's handmade jewellery is ever changing

Chevrons this fab are hard to find at such a good price

I made it my mission to take mine everywhere

Unique Gift Items don't come better than "Muggins" from London

Handmade to order.. dreamy is just what this store is..

Nice Bath Mats are so hard to find.. this store has 3 colours!!

Easy orders... too pale for you? check in tomorrow for some brights xx

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  1. Mel@Georgica Pond7 May 2012 at 09:36

    Is it wrong to buy your own presents for Mother's Day? I love all of these!


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