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Things they will never know

... Have you thought about the things your kids will possibly never know?

My kids will most likely never know..
  • What an a-Z is (think you call them Gregorys here) anyhow a road map as they will either use Maps on their iPhone or by the time they drive Sat Nav will be in built in all standard cars
  • They will never buy a Music CD (its another 7/8 yrs before they start the music thang) and certainly won't watch VHS video in their life
  • They will never know there was once a time when people whispered if they saw two men holding hands walking down the street and gasped if they dared to kiss..
  • Will they ever own a phone with buttons? I doubt it.. almost all their devices will be touch screen in a few years
  • My kids will not have the joy of playing in a darkroom processing photos, no doubt that will be an expensive archaic and daggy thing to do..
  • Once upon a time a night out involved just dancing and a bit of alcohol.. oh the things they will see (I have seen them too and have no issue with it but there was a time when underage drinking was rebellious enough) 
Its not that I am upset by this or bothered in any way its just amazing to see how fast things are changing.. What are your kids not going to know that were such a large part of your life?


  1. It can be frightening how fast everything goes, but I guess every generation worries about it. The thing I just can't believe is that 3 year olds have fancier touch screen gadgets than I do! I'm being left in the dark ages :)

  2. This reminds me of my boyfriend's brother telling his kids about Bill and Ted's excellent adventure then realising, at the sight of their puzzled faces, that they didn't know what a phone booth is!

    Imagine when we tell them we're older than the Internet!

  3. Your list is so true and kind of sad in a way. When electronic things don't work there hasn't been taught back up plans.

  4. just found this lovely website through Maxebella loves. Just wanted to say-did you see that horrid clip on youtube, where a young toddler thinks a magazine is a i-pad that is broken. very sad


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