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A trio of Grateful

I've got 3 gratefuls that just jump up and down saying pick me, pick me this week.. Life is feeling like an open space....

I have had a week of sick kids, not just a little sick but very sick.. soaring temperature, emotional wrecks with no energy.. joyous I tell you BUT it has made me grateful for the fact that really if I look back over the past few years we don't actually get sick too often so I am grateful for that and thinking about all the parents out there with kids that are really battling like my friend Louise did with her son Bill

I have had a project that I have been working on for over 6 weeks that looks like it may have to be scrapped and I feel pretty deflated by that BUT I am grateful I have my fabulous Creative Team to bounce things off and we came up with some fab ideas to still use a lot of the ideas created and make it better in so many areas for our sellers

Lastly I am over the friggin' moon that an off hand comment in a private e mail between Emily and I has resulted in us finally meeting face to face and the gorgeous gal becoming part of my DTLL Family.. she will be pottering about on our Facebook Page, Playing on Pinterest and connecting with you on all the other social networks. I can't wait for her to take over one of our weekly newsletters as she has such fab taste and she will of course still be on her blog The Beetle Shack

I love how Down that Little Lane is shaping up.. we are only 6 months old and have already become such a fab little community. My ultimate dream was to create a place where our sellers felt special, knew they were supported by me and had a our team behind them ensuring they got the best exposure we could give them and with what we have gained already and the things that are happening over the next few months I am really fulfilling that promise which makes me pretty proud... am I blowing my own trumpet? Maybe a bit but I blame it on Kelly.. she told me too!!

What are you grateful for this week? Do you ever blow your own trumpet? have you met Emily before?.. you should do all three this week.. I double dare ya x


  1. it's lovely to see that even in the disapointments you find gratefulness. good on you.

  2. You absolutely should blow your own trumpet! DTLL is marvellous and Emily is one extra lucky duck to be a part of your team!

    I'm glad the crew are all feeling better - we are blessed with good health too, do I know exactly what you're saying.

    Best wishes for fun with your new ideas too, Tess! x

  3. Great gratefuls, and exciting times! And health is such a big one - lovely to hear all is now well xx

  4. You should be very proud of your achievements in such a short time. Hope the kids are ok. xx


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