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and now for the kids pick....

So we are getting closer and closer to our studio day.... and I am moving onto styling for the kids ad.. what's your favourite? you can tell me why too if you want, no pressure..


  1. LOVE love love your blog and new website also- thanks for all the work you do- keep it going!!
    I love the first photo and the last photo, they're funky without being over the top or too grown-up. Thanks again for being awesome :-)

  2. I like the fourth photo because my girls would love curling up and reading/chilling out there but I also like the fifth photo because it looks inviting and has functionality. I could see my girls playing on the bed and drawing on the table. Keep up the good work.

  3. I just fell in love with the rustic forest- looking design of the children room, having a tent in the center- I can imagine how much my boys would love to play in it (playing indians is among their fav amusements).

  4. I adore the last one - the colours and that light shade. The rainbow shutter one is a close second
    Think the tepee has been done to death recently

  5. Yep definitely the rainbow shutters striking and original!


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