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Fighting Fit

It is funny that after saying Fridays would be me helping you with fitness I have actually had a week off training as I just felt too tired.. BUT in doing so I have adapted how much food I am eating and tried to take the time to structure how I can better fit fitness into my ever increasing schedule..

Its important that you take things slowly, that you build up your fitness and don't set your goals too high.. It would be great for all of us to just commit to 5 days a week training and stick at it but what is the point of setting that goal if week two you have already failed.. bit disheartening really so start with two days a week and grow from there...

So join with me this week and let get out there twice more this week than I did last... I will do two runs and post both on Facebook as proof and I would love for you to let me know what you get up to whether its just a decent walk or that you added an extra 10 mins to your normal schedule.. It all counts so don't go thinking it doesn't..

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  1. I am climbing stairs, slowly. Step by step, I'm getting better.

    Shoot me an email if you want me to stop updating you on my boring 'fitness' progress on Fridays!!! x


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