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Fit 'n' Fabulous

So Fridays are my Fitness Day on the blog...

Last week was simple. I told you to go and just do something that got you sweaty for more than 30 minutes.. so did you?

This week I will give you a mini circuit (mini is for a gym but I will adapt it after for outdoors) and if you can do it twice in one week and also get sweaty for 30 mins outside of that you are going serious great guns..

6 x 60 sec efforts on Bike 1 on ,1 off  

Shoulder Press s/s Lateral Raises 2 x 15 (s/s means superset, so you go straight from the 1st exercise to the 2nd)
Tricep Dips 2 x 15
Push Ups 2 x 15

2 x 1min Bridge

That is a cardio, tummy and arm circuit.. if you are not starting from nothing do two circuits..

Half of that read as gobeldygook?.. that's cool.. let me explain..

6 x 60 sec efforts (that can be done anywhere at any pace. If you are walking then its 60 secs at pace- the off, 60 secs at looney power walk pace - the on. If you are running I want the 60 sec efforts to be close to a sprint- the on, 60 secs to be a recovery jog- the off. If you need to stay at home you can skip or jog on the spot, go up and down stairs...)

Shoulder Press. Hold a weight (dumbell, tin can, books) in each hand at shoulder level, palms facing forwards. Extend them up to close above your head with arms nearly fully extended, return and start again x 15

Lateral Raises. Same weights, arms bent at 90 degrees, elbows by side, raise your elbows up to shoulder level keeping them in line with the side of your body (lateral plane), travel back the same way x 15

Tricep Dips. Find a chair, bench, bed and sit on it, put your hand by your hips then take your bum of and forwards a tad. From there drop your bum towards to the floor u til your elbows are nearly level with your shoulders behind you, SLOWLY push back up to original position x 15

Push Ups. Kneel on the floor on all fours, walk your hands out a little further away from your knees then slowly bend  your elbows and take your chest towards the floor. Try and keep your back, hips and shoulders all in a straight line (so no bum in the air) and when you go down don't let your shoulders drop lower than your elbows or it will be hard to get back up ;) x 15

Bridge. Same position body wise as your push ups but you put your elbows on the floor under your shoulders, hands straight out the front.. hold that position for 30secs to a minute.. DO NOT let your bum drop below your hip line.. it will hurt your back.. spend the whole time imagining you are zipping up a tight pair of jeans and are pulling your tummy button in..

Now for our Q&A from readers... I had the question.. Can you please give us some information about exercising and breastfeeding? 

A breastfeeding mothers needs about 2,000 kJ (445 kCal) per day more than normal. Exercise is fine and a good idea but if you can go an exercise straight after a feed then that will be best as otherwise you may end up with lactic acid in the milk for the next feed.. it won't hurt bub but they may not love it!!

Don't go from nothing to running 10k's but build up gradually so your milk supply, bubs requirements and your bodies natural recovery from exertion can all build steadily..

Ok that is me done for a week or so.. any questions just come back here and ask.. any requests do the same and I will be back to answer/supply the goods then x


  1. Is that you in that pic? You are too hot woman!

  2. I fell your first hurdle, but as soon as my back is better, I'll be... back! x


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