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Wanna get Fit on Fridays?

Ok so prompted by a chat between me and Em yesterday about fitness and how easy it is to fall off the wagon and never get back on I am going to try and get a few of you motivated to climb back on..

In my old life I was Personal Trainer.  I even did a year of being a Massage Therapist (until I realised I had double jointed thumbs and it bloody well hurt!!).

Anywho I still have a huge plethora of contacts in the fitness and health industry (naturopaths, PT's, coaches, therapists etc) and I want to help you get fitter whether it is weight loss, better shape, keep that ticker happy or just for the mental uplift that exercise brings..

Each week I will put a little session that you can do in the gym or outdoors even and if you have any questions about anything health and fitness related give me a shout and I will answer or find someone who can... need contacts? ask and I will see who I can find through my network also..

I will make the first week easy.. go out and do something for 30 minutes that means you get sweaty..... that is called exercising xx


  1. so in Tess. But can I follow up my sweaty work out with ice cold beer?


  2. I'm so up for this - I've started Zumba once a week, I've been to four sessions so far and freaking love it's guts. I also am trying to fit in an hour's walk most days of the week. But I still love red wine and snacks :(


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