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I don't know why second gets silver....

Seems madness to me as its the best colour of the lot.... no gold or bronze for me when I can have silver instead..

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Silver has a grey to it which might be why I love it.. please excuse the silver fox in the collection.. a bit of  a cheat but he made me melt :)

Q&A with our Giveaway

Why did you choose your business name? 

I felt that a name like The Tea Towel Company was a bit boring and predicatable so I thought that I'd choose a name that meant something to me. My Wooden Heart is my favourite Elvis Presley song.

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

I absolutely love working for myself, i'm such a homebody and being able to work in my pijamas is wonderful!

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few years?

I guess you could say that having my little boy Denzil (now two and half) would have to be a major highlight, most definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me. In terms of a business highlight, creating a business out of 2 things that are very very dear to me [art + tea towels] gives me great joy!

What inspires or motivates you?

I'm inspired by so much, I seem to see and search for tea towels in everything.

..and lastly tell me one things about yourself that you love but has nothing to do with business.

I'm happy, there is nothing in my life that I would change!

Grateful I found a pro..

We did a photo shoot to show off a few of the style of sellers we have on DTLL this week and whilst I fancy myself as a bit of a stylist and am a wanna be interior designer I learnt this week that I am not a touch on a pro..

Effortless was how our photographer described her.... genius would have been my description and her assistant just calls her dreamy.. Steph is the Style Editor of Home Beautiful and she has such an eye, she creates magic and I am oh so darn grateful my photographer said he thought it would be a good idea to get a pro involved.

Oh and BTW it is a fab job as we all assume and yes stylists do get to play with beautiful things and create yummy pictures but they also work ALL day long... iron, clean, have to stand in funny positions to make sure things are in the perfect spot for a shot, pack and unpack a gazillion bits n bobs and so much more.. its pretty full on!!

images all via google from Home Beautiful Mag

My hat is off to them.. I am so tired from the week and I sound like a certain highly paid phone line worker so once again Thank you Miss Stephanie.. I love you and your work!!

And the winner is .....

The winner of the Empire Lane giveaway for a Vintage Bikes Mobile is.. Hayley Little.. Congrats Hayley we will be in touch this week :)

Our next Giveaway has launched with the Gorgeous Kate from Wooden Heart.. have you seen her witty range of tea towels?

London 2012

Oh I could not be more excited.. the Olympics and my love for sport make for a happy marriage but in my home town?... Bring it on!

I do barrack for Australia these days but love to see a Brit come good.. I felt for Cadel in the Tour of recent but oh my Mr Bradley Wiggins you were a force to be reckoned with and deserved your win with every inch of your body!!

My post today celebrates each of the Olympic Rings... Blue, Yellow, Black Green and Red..

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52 : Late but Loving it..

I am joining Em and Jodie and a few others in the 52 Project.. a pic of my kids each week of the year....

Kitty: leading her brother to the top of the mountain
Harrington: ever the competitor setting off early to beat his big sis

Q&A with our Giveaway

Why did you choose your business name?

The name literally just popped into my head when I was pregnant with my son. I still have the piece of paper that I scribbled it down on. I hadn't even thought of the business at the time but I sensed I would be using that name for something special and just a few months later I did. I really love it.

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

First time mums make up a huge share of our customer base and I love nothing more than chatting to them about all things pregnancy and babies. There is such a beautiful, positive, excitement in their energy that is so lovely to be around. I love that our pieces get to be a part of the precious and whimsical time that is childhood.

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few years?

One of the most exciting moments in the Empire Lane journey was the launch of our fabric artwork collection this season. It was something I had wanted to include in the range from the beginning and I'm really proud of the pieces.

What inspires or motivates you?

I'm pretty much obsessed with two things; babies and interiors and have been for as long as I can remember. I draw inspiration from both equally...O.K, maybe babies a little bit more because they have those chubby little hands that just make me happy :-)

..and lastly tell me one things about yourself that you love but has nothing to do with business.

Being creative is very relaxing. When I get a spare moment I draft floorplans for houses. Sounds like a weird hobby but I love it. I designed a house last year that was built and I'm working on an eco home at the moment which I intend to have built next year. I love that you can start with an idea and end up with a piece of artwork that someone can live their life in.

Kitty's Cars Party...

I have a small issue with licensed products.. not the movies as they are so well made, witty and a pleasure to watch.. it is the cheap spin off ranges created to wear on any occasion, eat from at any time of day or carry with you every where you go.

When Kitty said she wanted a Cars Party that was fine but I explained we would use her toys to decorate and any other bits had to be something we could use again or that fitted his colours... she chose red and black and I added in white :)

we had a race track through the house and I got the tyres from eBay..

top hit was the jelly in the oranges "Mum I didn't know there was a jelly fruit?" said one little lady..

not worth the effort were the cake pops.. complicated and the kids ate the top part with most choccy and disgarded the rest despite demolishing the cupcakes made the same way?..hmmmm..

totally awesome (in my opinion) was getting custom cookies done instead of goody bags stuffed full of bits the parents would chuck in the bin..

totally not awesome was my son deciding mini mater and sally on the cake should be sunk to the bottom with his fingers?!...little toe rag but love his guts.

As always not expensive just  a whole lotta love

FYI the pic with the kids?.. um that is like 1/3 of them.. IT WAS MAYHEM.. we had a blast xx

Making Memories...

This week I am grateful I am lucky enough to be a Mum... why? because I get to make memories for my kids.. (Em reminded me of that on Friday when I was cursing baking and creating for my daughters 5th Birthday).

I never thought they remembered all the effort then Kitty said "Mum you make my birthdays the best" and actually described her last one and what she loved (so didn't think she remembered) THEN Harrington shouted at her (not so nice the shouting bit) " no my Thomas Party was the best!!"..

Tina also reminded me that it is just a little fun to play stylist for the day...So this weekend I am Grateful I did Kitty's Cars Party for her.. Pictures to come..

And the winnner is..

The winner of our Shower Caddy from Daya Design is ....

Corey White.. Congrats Corey, we will be in touch this week..

Our next giveaway is live now from Empire Lane

Moove n Groove

Fitness should be fun, no need to make it a chore.

ok so it won't have you dancing like these amazing people but go get ya groove on with a Zumba Class. I have been watching a group progress over the last few months as I exit the gym post Spin Class and seriously... after 6 weeks.. these guys can now dance (I won't discuss the early days.. that would be cruel)

and we just keep giving...

Down that Little Lane are proud to be sponsoring Peppermint Mags Giveaway this week.... there are is so much fab stuff but this beautiful tree from Bird of Play is what was chosen as hot property from the site...

How to win? Simple.. hope over here and sign up form Minty Mail :)

Constantly pompous, slaggy abusers

I am not sure if I should say amazed or amused..

I suppose I find it a little funny but am also opened mouthed gaffawing at some things I read so amazed has to come in there.. at what? at people..

There are 3 culprits..... the pompous ones, the slaggers and the abusers

We have created Down that Little Lane as a place to support unique, handcrafted and not widely available pieces (you are not going to find our sellers in David Jones) and we also are very keen to be  quality not quantity so if we already have someone representing a certain area and another applies that covers the same I have to turn them down, even if I love what they do.. Sad but it is so we keep the site fresh and easy for our customers to find what they want not pages and pages of identical items. As such the site is by invite only so anyone can apply but they need to be accepted by moi

So what am I amazed by here.. the amount of declines that actually write back to me, not asking for polite feedback, more than happy to give that but the ones that say " do you know who I am?" " Do you know how many stores I sell in?" "You should WANT me on your site just so you can say I am there" .. It makes me so glad I said no as they clearly don't get what we are about

But there are more....Facebook slagging

I promote our sellers items on FB... they are gorgeous, some are handmade, some are expensive and some are one offs and completely unique.

Most of the time you get lovely messages but once in a while you get the negative nancys.. " It's too expensive" "Where would I put that?" "Why would I pay that for a hat when I can get one from ... for less" " but it is just cut paper?".. ok so don't buy it, put it where it is intended for use, go to... and buy it there as it is not the same item and I like ours more, so go cut the paper and create it yourself.. I dare ya....

Or better than that, keep your comments to yourself and think about the feelings of the person who made it that you just stabbed in the heart with your cruel writing.

And the last one.....Using and abusing

I spend endless hours promoting our sellers as do our PR team, we get them coverage they would never have had the time or reach to manage themselves then what do they do? Message the contact with their private link? Ask the mag to use only their name not DTLL.. OMG the total audacity.. well needless to say I take note and find I don't work so hard to get them out there next time around

I needed to write it to understand it I suppose.. I will just put it down to being a different breed, not thinking first or just not understanding what they have actually done..

Have you come across them in your personal life? Business too? How do you deal with them?

Pink n Perky

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