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Dreaming about tomorrow..

My Brother and Sister in Law will welcome their third child into the world tomorrow.. so excited... another little boy for the family (my H is the only one in this generation of Whites so far).

I have been pottering around my Kiddlywinx Pinterest Page all day thinking about him.... I even did a theme for next months panels on DTLL called "Newborn Nursery"... hmm little clucky maybe?

The little mans nursery will be primary colours and vibrant as anything but you know me.. I couldn't go past some greys :)

What is your nursery favourite? got a pin? send me a link :)


  1. My favouite nursery is Rowan's at my house, of course! Xx

  2. I love this post cause boy do I have a lot of baby pins, nearly married and clucky I had to channel it somewhere! So my baby board worked a treat! I'm loving grey too :) here's my link for my pinterest baby board


  4. I can't decide which room I love the most. That tends to be my problem though, I get overwhelmed with beautiful images and ideas and find it too difficult to narrow it down to a cohesive 'theme'.

    Although that said, I really love my son's room. It was done over time and is filled with things that were found/made and given to him with such love. You can see it here:

    x laura


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