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Floating Fit...

I used to swim like a maniac back in my day and oh boy was I a slim jim.. it's a serious workout but it has so little stress on your bones and joints that it is almost theraputic..

Seen as we are in winter and I know it is a big ask to get out running or power walking, especially if it is bucketing down but go find a nice warm indoor pool and get your tone on....

Here is a guide to some different level workouts you could try.. I find this funny.. I now longer care whether anyone is joining me as I am motivating myself to re train some of my fitness thought processes and its wicked!

and in case I need proof..

Muhammad Ali in training underwater in a Miami swimming pool (1961)


  1. That is such a cool pic of Ali.

    I enjoy a swim an din summer I'm in the pool almost daily. I just cant do a "warm pool" for psychological reasons!!? x

  2. Gotcha, when I get home, I'll run the hot tap into my pool and jump in for some hydro spin. X Roberta

  3. You've almost inspired me to get off the, not quite, but it does sound good.

  4. I love swimming...quite meditational, you've motivated me to go and do some laps...will definitely be good for me! Thanks and I always appreciate your kind words and encouragement!


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