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Grateful I found a pro..

We did a photo shoot to show off a few of the style of sellers we have on DTLL this week and whilst I fancy myself as a bit of a stylist and am a wanna be interior designer I learnt this week that I am not a touch on a pro..

Effortless was how our photographer described her.... genius would have been my description and her assistant just calls her dreamy.. Steph is the Style Editor of Home Beautiful and she has such an eye, she creates magic and I am oh so darn grateful my photographer said he thought it would be a good idea to get a pro involved.

Oh and BTW it is a fab job as we all assume and yes stylists do get to play with beautiful things and create yummy pictures but they also work ALL day long... iron, clean, have to stand in funny positions to make sure things are in the perfect spot for a shot, pack and unpack a gazillion bits n bobs and so much more.. its pretty full on!!

images all via google from Home Beautiful Mag

My hat is off to them.. I am so tired from the week and I sound like a certain highly paid phone line worker so once again Thank you Miss Stephanie.. I love you and your work!!


  1. sometimes we just have to delicate and call in the pros... because there is sometimes nothing like a pro. I love these shots btw xx

  2. Yes, I would agree it is loads more work then it looks!

  3. Betty Harrington29 July 2012 at 04:19

    So very clever that arrangement with the typewriter....just a table lamp, pencil jar and typewriter set off by the wall scroll behind which is FULL of filing cabinets wall notes and metal drawers.......great photos!!!!!

  4. Well I love her work on Home Beautiful so it is no surprise that I think these pictures look amazing, Tess. What fun to learn from a pro!! x


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