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Its alll the rage..

The chocolate and salt thing of course.. so the thing is I had planned to show you me making this awesome recipe. Brownies with a Salted Crisp Top.. oh hello.. yes they were just a tad yummy..

Instead I am going to show you a picture of how they should look and tell you to go follow the masters.. mine didn't look quite like this but they were scoffed in no time and a roaring success so I felt I should share the love..


  1. girlfriend, we are in sync, had pret a manger's dark chocolate with salt in it at lunchtime yesterday! great minds think alike xxxxxxx

  2. Betty Harrington11 July 2012 at 04:04

    Will try the choco and salt thing..........but you try warm [not hot] strawberries and dip in balsamic vinegar....yummyxxxxxxx


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