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Its good to give..

I created DTLL with the visual of having a place that had stores full of like minded people, people with soul, people who care and people with a story. My dream is coming true and every month we, as a team, sit back and look at how we could make it a better place to shop..

We have quite a few little things in development that will really bring the community in but one of the things we added last month was the Charity Icon on product pages.

You can filter your shopping experience with us in so many ways (as seen below) but this one I like the most... all our sellers that have this icon donate a portion of each sale to a certain charity. If you want to know more and they haven't mentioned who just message them via the ask a seller button.

Here are a few off the top of my head that donate to charity..

 Stonemen donate a dollar of every pair to a selection of Charities including Greenpeace  and Sea Shepherd this month

 Quint Design have a specially designed HOPE print that gives 50% to Childrens Cancer

Pink Grapefruit donates money to the Humpty Dumpty Foundation as they saved her Little Bills life.. pretty good reason..

Sienna & Sidney give a portion of sales to Neuroblastoma Cancer as sadly Lucy lost her daughter Sienna to the childhood cancer a few years back ;(

We are hoping that with this option as a promotion that more will start to do so also.. I will certainly be letting them know I would love them to anyhow :)

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  1. Great post Tess, thank you for promoting these great sellers and all their great efforts for donating to charity. i think that your site is an awesome portal for this and that your sellers & buyers are great finds. Thanks again, for making DTLL a great place to share delightful things and more! mel xx


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