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Kitty's Cars Party...

I have a small issue with licensed products.. not the movies as they are so well made, witty and a pleasure to watch.. it is the cheap spin off ranges created to wear on any occasion, eat from at any time of day or carry with you every where you go.

When Kitty said she wanted a Cars Party that was fine but I explained we would use her toys to decorate and any other bits had to be something we could use again or that fitted his colours... she chose red and black and I added in white :)

we had a race track through the house and I got the tyres from eBay..

top hit was the jelly in the oranges "Mum I didn't know there was a jelly fruit?" said one little lady..

not worth the effort were the cake pops.. complicated and the kids ate the top part with most choccy and disgarded the rest despite demolishing the cupcakes made the same way?..hmmmm..

totally awesome (in my opinion) was getting custom cookies done instead of goody bags stuffed full of bits the parents would chuck in the bin..

totally not awesome was my son deciding mini mater and sally on the cake should be sunk to the bottom with his fingers?!...little toe rag but love his guts.

As always not expensive just  a whole lotta love

FYI the pic with the kids?.. um that is like 1/3 of them.. IT WAS MAYHEM.. we had a blast xx


  1. Tessa says "happy birthday Kitty":)

    1. Thanks lovely.. I would have liked her to have had a few more gorgeous J&J mates along but we had 23, yes 23.. 3-5yr olds AND each of their respective parents!

  2. Looks like a fantastic party! Far cry from my almost five year olds plans of a fairy party. Secretly Id prefer a car party too! The licensed stuff gets to me too, although I have given in a couple of times here and there. The things you do to prevent tantrums!


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