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Q&A with our Giveaway

Why did you choose your business name? 

I felt that a name like The Tea Towel Company was a bit boring and predicatable so I thought that I'd choose a name that meant something to me. My Wooden Heart is my favourite Elvis Presley song.

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

I absolutely love working for myself, i'm such a homebody and being able to work in my pijamas is wonderful!

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few years?

I guess you could say that having my little boy Denzil (now two and half) would have to be a major highlight, most definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me. In terms of a business highlight, creating a business out of 2 things that are very very dear to me [art + tea towels] gives me great joy!

What inspires or motivates you?

I'm inspired by so much, I seem to see and search for tea towels in everything.

..and lastly tell me one things about yourself that you love but has nothing to do with business.

I'm happy, there is nothing in my life that I would change!

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