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Uberly Grateful

For me this week has been so filled with lightbulb moments I feel like I have taught myself some valuable lessons just by finally listening to others and letting my hand be held for once ...

I am grateful I met up with my gorgeous girl Kate of Uberkate, we had coffee near her office and it was so lovely to see her in her element. We have very similar thoughts on so many issues. She is a everything I hope I will be as an employer and business woman. She is kind and caring for those who work for her, values her customers as if their purchase was still the first one she ever made, she finds a great family/work balance and chooses to only surround herself with positive energy.

We met through me just loving her jewellery and being a customer but I now feel it goes way past that and know we will be friends for a while to come. We are going to catch up more often now but I am just grateful to have seen her this week... She da bomb :)

My other main grateful this week was exercise but exercise for the soul, Kelly wrote an eye opening blog about the benefits of just doing anything and it made me re asses one of my training sessions.

I often run and spin and do the nutter sweaty stuff but I don't often do Yoga/Pilates etc. I suppose I figure it doesn't burn enough fat and all that jazz but this week between Kelly posting that and my naturopath Kira from Uberhealth (yes another Uber.. see my title?) telling me I need to look after my mental health too I went to Pilates yesterday. It was fantastic, it was quiet, I took time to breathe big breaths, it was hard and I was so stiff. I came out feeling refreshed and a little ashamed (I am a Power Pilates Level Instructor, ba ha ha, I am qualified to be but OMG it has been a while and no one would pay for what I displayed yesterday!!).. the main thing is I will be back next week 100% and I am grateful I went.

So this week was an Ubergrateful week as it was my uber girls that made it fabulous... Thanks girls.. you made my week complete x


  1. Meeting a new friend, and knowing that you'll be friends for quite a long time is such a lovely feeling, and such a great thing to be grateful for. Pilates..hmmm, have never tried it but it does sound like a great mental exercise, as well as physical..might have to give it a go myself sometime soon.

  2. It is pretty special, I am rather lucky she wandered in to my life x

  3. Hey - gorgeous blog - loving it. I am stopping by from SITS :)

    If it's not too rude a question, can I ask you how you got that lovely slideshow with links at the top of your blog? It's gorgeous!!


    1. Hi Sarah, welcome :)
      The Slideshows are from my website so I take the html code from there and insert into into the header for this blog :)

  4. This is gorgeous, i spend so much time alone, the only person i can share anything with (as in help me) is my husband & we just keep getting stronger together. Not bad for 18 years!! Just having empathy & the willingness to understand people who do good work with their heart, makes being a boss very easy & enjoyable, you'd be an awesome leader, love Posie

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