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Grateful for Comfort

I have had a funny old week, highs, lows, happiness and sadness.. its all pretty normal I suppose and I am good with it..

This week I am grateful for comfort.

The Comfort I get from talking to like minded people..
The Comfort I get from my kids always wanting cuddles..
The Comfort I get from giving and having it rewarded uneccessarily 
The Comfort I get from supportive friends....
The Comfort I get from a decent meal at the end of a long day..
The Comfort I get from discovering someone who wants what you want..
The Comfort I get from curling up under the duvet at night..
The Comfort I get from my morning coffee..
The Comfort I get from knowing my husband is my rock..


Kitty: Words can not explain how much she makes me chuckle with her superhero outfits
Harrington: He might be the height of a 5 yr old but he reminds me he is anything but when he falls asleep mid way through the day like this


I have had a massive week, so many changes, so much time inside not out and whole bucket of dilemas so right now I just fancy something calming..

click on the images for the links xx

How to keep your children safe.. well safer..

Ok so following on from last weeks post about how to find out if your little person is watching or doing things they shouldn't with their iPhones and the rest here is the answer on how to block the nasty sites from being viewed.

Some may say its is a trust thing but really? Is that not just being ignorant that young people are curious, young people are often lead by others and that young people are YOUNG..

If you feel difficult talking to the about it you could just block it this way and wait for them to come asking why? Cowards way if you ask me but I like to think I am a tough nut.. ask me again in 5 yrs time when my eldest is going through this. Might well be a different story.

Sooo.... here is a step by step to block certain sites on your kids iPhone etc

I am linking up over here to try and spread this pretty important message

Q&A with our Giveaway...

Why did you choose your business name?

- It was a name I inherited from our parent company in the UK but I really love it! It is such a fun play on words and fits our product and concept so well!

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

- Definitely working for myself and having the freedom to make my own decisions about when and where things happen and how. Having come from a big corporate environment that is really refreshing.

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few years?

- I moved back to Melbourne after 10 years in London and managed to launch two businesses in less than 12 months and I look back on the last 20 months and think I must have been mad but have learnt so much along the way and now find myself mentoring other small businesses and that is so rewarding and fun to watch them grow.

What inspires or motivates you?

- Happy customer feedback, seeing our posters getting major PR and great reviews and actually seeing orders come through which still gives me a buzz that people actually love them enough to buy them!

..and lastly tell me one things about yourself that you love but has nothing to do with business.

- I love design and interiors and have renovated a couple of apartments in London, I was very spoilt to travel extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East both for work and in my own time and miss being so far away from the rest of the world now that I am back in Oz. I find astrology fascinating and constantly wonder how we are all so aligned with the stars and how I am a such a Virgo through and through and drive myself nuts (and others too I think) with my ability to organise, lead and multi task! I believe in fate and absolutely everything happens for a reason!

Knowledge is Power..

It doesn't matter whether it is things you wanted to know or things you didn't whatever the case knowledge is power depending on how you use it..

For me it can be the shocking news I hear about what is to come for me as a mother was an eye opener that I now have the tools to find deal with it when it does and I am sure it will..

It can be the posts I out out there on Facebook to see what others think about something I am debating or even something one of our sellers has asked me to enquire about with out "fans" (I hate calling them fans..but likers sounds just as bad)

There is knowledge in sharing, comparing notes with someone you admire and respect.. I did that on Thursday with someone and it was the best two hours of my week

My top fave for knowledge has to be knowing when you need help and having the sense to ask for it. I did that this week and it is empowering, important and empowering...

This week I am grateful for knowledge in every which way that it comes.. do you like to be know everything of are there sometimes when you just wish you had never found out?

And the winner is...

The winner of our Sant and Abel Giveaway is....

 Congratulations on your win Jane we will be in touch to find out which boxers you would like :)

Parents Survival Kit for lets say 10yr olds onwards?

Are you the parent that reckons they did it all when they were kids and as your parents never had a clue what you were up too that once your kids got to the same age you would be all over it?

I'll admit.. I am.. Marcus and I reckon between his rugby days and my modelling ones we have it all sussed.. well I did..

I was out with someone I adore the other night who has a daughter that is 10yrs old. She is an angelic looking girl and her parents have raised her well. Her friends are all fine upstanding folks and she goes to school in a nice area so you can totally imagine how far her mothers heart, guts and jaw dropped when she was told that some of the kids in school had been watching porn on their iPods and iTouches etc.

10 yr olds, don't be silly, not my kid she has no sim so can only get internet at home.. err hello hotspots all over the place for free wi fi .. porn? you mean puberty blues surely?

no, no and no....

So she like the amazing woman she is not only tackled this issue with her daughter and has become much closer as a result but  put together a little how to for you to see if your sweet cheeks has been exposed to the same sort of filth.

Here is how to check the history and next week I will post on how to block it from happening again (in the meantime I would be removing the implement and having some good solid chats). If you want this in a document please feel free to email me for it as I, as is the author am happy to share the info to all who want it.

I know it is scary and I know it would be nice to just stick your head in the sand or put your fingers over your ears and sing "la,la,la,la" but you can't and you know you shouldn't.. the choice is yours and I just wanted to let you know that all the 4 surrounding schools had reported the same issue so I am sure it is happening in many others..

Oh me oh my.. I have another 5 yrs before this what on earth will they be doing then?!

Pantry Notes..

I found another interesting list on Pinterest and like my cleaning one from the other day I re designed it as want it to look nice in my pantry so thought I would share in case it is your colour scheme too..

It is a tip on where to store which fruits and vegetables for best long life...


Harrington: He never bores of this game.. lift the wheel so he merrily spins going no where.. bit like Mum does
Kitty: Soaking up the sun... she loves the outdoors.... bit like Mum does...

Part III for the lads...

Functional or Fashionable? Fashion can be both but here is my picks....

start him of with a remedy....

Satchels just get better with age.. like the boys :)

they always need more Tee's

warm feet , warm heart

on trend and on ethical trend too....

eco friendly iPhone cover

Dapper or what? love these boots

I am partial to a good ring on my fella

texture to touch..... fab cufflinks will last forever

Crisp n White.. you can never go wrong..

Wicked photography on these T's

i want this for me so I'll buy it for him and steal it

Q&A with our Giveaway

Why did you choose your business name?

The name actually came about entirely by accident. When I was setting up the business, my cousin was doing my IP work and kept saying the name Sant and Abel by accident (instead of a name quite similar). I liked the sound of it. I always wanted a unique name which would become synonymous with my range of pyjamas and nothing else. The name stuck and here we are!

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

Before launching Sant and Abel I worked as a producer in television for ten years. I spent time working for ABC's 20/20 and Primetime in New York, investigating hard-hitting and also inspiring stories whilst working with some very talented reporters. Now, what I enjoy most about Sant and Abel is the creative role which comes with it. I love designing the range, seeing it come to life and then getting great feedback, especially from total strangers. I also love it when customers send in snaps of them caught in their S&As! Working with the male models isn't particularly tough either!

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few years?

Taking a risk and launching my own business has been the biggest highlight. I actually thought I would have a small online business on the side whilst continuing to work in television. I launched Sant and Abel exactly one year ago and I've been blown away by how quickly it has grown, both online and in retail stores in Australia, Japan and the UK. The career in telly had to go!

What inspires or motivates you?

I get really inspired by super creative advertising and marketing campaigns around the world. It continually keeps me on track with how to market my own brand as uniquely as possible. My mum is my greatest motivator. She is a stalwart in the homewares industry in Australia, having run Outdoors on Parade in Adelaide for over 30 years. She is continually coming up with the most beautiful and inspiring concepts, I just hope I'm in a similar position to her when I'm her age!

..and lastly tell me one things about yourself that you love but has nothing to do with business.

I love nothing more than getting out of the big city and spending time at our property in South Australia. A glass of wine, a roaring fire and adventures with the cows and calves around the paddocks is absolute heaven.

Just a tad...

This week has been a bit of  a toughy.. my son is regressing in many areas.

Toilet training to start with.. lots of wet undies and odd outfits as a result, his speech is also not progressing, he has stopped listening to us (I don't mean respecting us as he is being lovely but more just attentiveness) and he has a severe lack of patience which doesn't result in tantrums but more emotional little faces and often tears of what seems like genuine sadness..

I have the mother guilts.. is it me? on the days I have the kids home I often still have to put a large amount of work hours in and always have to do the cleaning and washing etc as the days I don't have them I am at my computer working ALL day so I worry it is my lack of one on one time with him that is causing this?.. what to do.. well I plan to organise my days so I work even more on the days I don't have them, include him in my cleaning etc so its a game and then make sure the rest of the time is all about him and his sister..

I have started and this week I am grateful I designed this up from something I saw on Pinterest as it will find me hours for sure and I am grateful my web boys and I migrated to a new newsletter template.. it has reduced my creation time dramatically.. oh so happy :)

I am ever so grateful I have decided to find some time.. its all about creating the time.....

And the winner is.. so winners are...

The winners of our Quint Design Giveaway are...

Puti and Rebecca we will be in touch next week to organise your prizes :)


Kitty: Always the joker and never shy of the camera
Harrington: So metro sexual, enjoying the age that you don't care if you are in a crop top with pink girls pants on.. so what? I adore this time....

Making Life Easier...

I am of to the ABCD Meetup tonight and the theme is sharing. Sharing thoughts whilst we are there, sharing advice in our topics to discuss for the evening and our goodies bags are all about sharing too... a copy of a favourite recipe, a meaningful quote, something we have made, our go-to online resources; whatever we want to share with new friends...

I don't make things and putting my favourite on line source would be silly as it is clearly going to be me so I created a cleaning list I found on pinterest ages ago and have had hanging in my pantry. I don't always manage to stick to it but it is fab (and works). I re designed it as didn't like the font or colours of the one I found and figured I should share it with you too..