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Do what makes you happy

It seems so obvious to say it but so many people don't and this week I had a good long think about it.

I took part in a charity sports event this week to raise money for Beyond Blue.. 1.5 hrs in a killer spin class in memory of a young lady called Averil who took her own life a fortnight ago. She was a supremely fit and healthy girl on physical presentation and yet it turns out she was a world apart in her mental state.

The class was amazing not only did we talk about Averil and what she loved, riding hills was where she felt happy, away from it all and a pleasure she talked about and now I know why. We talked about reaching out. We talked about doing what makes you happy. We talked about talking. We talked about taking the time to ask people if they are ok and most of all having the courage to say " No I am not " if you are not....

Exercise is such an easy way to help you through a tough time in your life, it seems strange but it truly works. I will admit I have been there and at times I would do a massive session (for some that could just be a serious fast walk) release my negative feelings by pushing myself then cry in the shower after from exhaustion, sadness and who knows what else but it did me good. It cleansed me and gave me focus and clarity and it ensured I survived the rough patches.

Depression is a serious illness and yet taboo, no one admits they have it yet once you say YOU have it everyone admits they have also suffered.. What tha?

We raised $2000 for Beyond Blue, I cried as I climbed a mountain and I was proud to do so. You do what makes you happy.. its the only way to play it


  1. This post is close to my heart my big brother has depression, his brain doesn't produce happy endorphins he is doing great these days managing it I am so proud of him. I love that you did a bike ride charity every bit counts! Rip averil x

  2. That is a nice thing to do Tess. I'm sure her family appreciated it. I also use spin classes to cope with stress, sort my thoughts out or just stimulate my creativity. The endorphins really do help push negativity away. My Monday morning double spin class is a non-negotiable part of my life. Not even the Queen could stop me going; she'd have to wait until 10.30am...!


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