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Grateful for Comfort

I have had a funny old week, highs, lows, happiness and sadness.. its all pretty normal I suppose and I am good with it..

This week I am grateful for comfort.

The Comfort I get from talking to like minded people..
The Comfort I get from my kids always wanting cuddles..
The Comfort I get from giving and having it rewarded uneccessarily 
The Comfort I get from supportive friends....
The Comfort I get from a decent meal at the end of a long day..
The Comfort I get from discovering someone who wants what you want..
The Comfort I get from curling up under the duvet at night..
The Comfort I get from my morning coffee..
The Comfort I get from knowing my husband is my rock..


  1. Beautiful list! How good is a home cooked dinner & husbands!


  2. you're the best Tessa White. fact.

    p.s it's the freakin weekend


  3. Oh Tess, i had a high & low week too, just did a bit post on it, many personal fails, just makes me giggle now, i love those socks in the image too, i spent a fortune on cute socks like that, they make you feel so cosy, love Posie

  4. I'm fantasizing about those socks, a cuppa and hiding under the doona right now. Will probably have to feed the children first I guess :) sarah

  5. What a lovely list of comforts Tessa. Make sure you get all the cuddles you need. xx

  6. This photo is so lovely and I'm just loving what you've written.
    It's great to take a step back and be appreciative :)

  7. It is always great to have a home cooked dinner. Really nice list.

    ~ Herman Swan


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