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Grateful this week...

Grateful? This week? I just had to sit for 20 mins to try and remember the week.. time flies when you are.. BUSY?

I am grateful for bank holidays, the bank only bank ones.. hubby now works for one so Monday was our first and of course he went to work for the morning because that is just how he rolls BUT one of my fave peeps and her hubby are w*&$er (ahem) bankers too so we had early dinner with all the kids..

I am grateful I sat on a bike for 90 whole minutes and supported an amazing cause.. our total is at well over $3000 now.... it was a sad day but made me think about how lucky I am. Its all about perspective huh?

I am also grateful, ever so grateful that this morning my kids got up and made themselves breakfast. They played and despite popping in every half hour or so hubby and I didn't get up until 10.10am!!


  1. that is just awesome!!! Your kids are awesome!!! May there be many more mornings like this to come xx

  2. I am really looking forward to the day that my little one can make herself breakfast. I think I should start training now!


  3. How lovely to have a sleep-in after a big week x

  4. We also made the most of the bank holiday (it was my birthday so off to Hugos I was taken). What clever children you have. I long for the day that breakfast is just done without me!! x


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