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How to keep your children safe.. well safer..

Ok so following on from last weeks post about how to find out if your little person is watching or doing things they shouldn't with their iPhones and the rest here is the answer on how to block the nasty sites from being viewed.

Some may say its is a trust thing but really? Is that not just being ignorant that young people are curious, young people are often lead by others and that young people are YOUNG..

If you feel difficult talking to the about it you could just block it this way and wait for them to come asking why? Cowards way if you ask me but I like to think I am a tough nut.. ask me again in 5 yrs time when my eldest is going through this. Might well be a different story.

Sooo.... here is a step by step to block certain sites on your kids iPhone etc

I am linking up over here to try and spread this pretty important message


  1. Wow great tip...going to do now!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. good post. You also highlight how important it is to know more about the technology than your kids (for as long as possible)

  4. Great post! I had already done most of those things on my sons Ipod, but had missed changing the ratings to Australia.

    Also, under game centre (the last section of restrictions) I have turned off multiplayer games and Adding friends.

    Also, on my iPhone and other I devices in the house, I have set them to require the password immediately. Just in case one of them gets click happy after I have purchased something (within that 15mins).

    1. Oh and I have turned off deleting apps, but that's for my benefit, so they don't accidentally delete something of mine!

  5. It seems to have have eaten my original post.

    I just mentioned that I turned off the Multiplayer games and the Adding friends also.

    And changed the requirement for password to be immediate.

    Fantastic post, it will be very useful to many parents.


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