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Knowledge is Power..

It doesn't matter whether it is things you wanted to know or things you didn't whatever the case knowledge is power depending on how you use it..

For me it can be the shocking news I hear about what is to come for me as a mother was an eye opener that I now have the tools to find deal with it when it does and I am sure it will..

It can be the posts I out out there on Facebook to see what others think about something I am debating or even something one of our sellers has asked me to enquire about with out "fans" (I hate calling them fans..but likers sounds just as bad)

There is knowledge in sharing, comparing notes with someone you admire and respect.. I did that on Thursday with someone and it was the best two hours of my week

My top fave for knowledge has to be knowing when you need help and having the sense to ask for it. I did that this week and it is empowering, important and empowering...

This week I am grateful for knowledge in every which way that it comes.. do you like to be know everything of are there sometimes when you just wish you had never found out?


  1. You know honey, i actually don't like how - in conversation - you just wonder things, say "oh what was . . ." or "remember . . . " & the person you are talking to whips out an iGadget & finds out. It's annoying, all that instant information, knowledge gained by google?? I am still not used to that, i like trying to remember the hard way, with my brain, unplugged.
    Onto seeking knowledge & opinions, love asking, absolutely. Love Posie

  2. "knowing when you need help and having the sense to ask for it"... yes that is a top one for me too. I however, have only recently learnt this one! x

  3. oh, i know very well when i need help. but will i ask? ah, no. must google how to work on that ;) sarah


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