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Making Life Easier...

I am of to the ABCD Meetup tonight and the theme is sharing. Sharing thoughts whilst we are there, sharing advice in our topics to discuss for the evening and our goodies bags are all about sharing too... a copy of a favourite recipe, a meaningful quote, something we have made, our go-to online resources; whatever we want to share with new friends...

I don't make things and putting my favourite on line source would be silly as it is clearly going to be me so I created a cleaning list I found on pinterest ages ago and have had hanging in my pantry. I don't always manage to stick to it but it is fab (and works). I re designed it as didn't like the font or colours of the one I found and figured I should share it with you too..


  1. Thanks for sharing Tessa, such a great cleaning routine. xToni

  2. Looks great and well balanced...and achievable. I like the 'catch-up day'. Thanks for sharing x

  3. Thanks for sharing! I adapted it a bit, since I leave very early for work and I'm unable to do much in the mornings.


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