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Parents Survival Kit for lets say 10yr olds onwards?

Are you the parent that reckons they did it all when they were kids and as your parents never had a clue what you were up too that once your kids got to the same age you would be all over it?

I'll admit.. I am.. Marcus and I reckon between his rugby days and my modelling ones we have it all sussed.. well I did..

I was out with someone I adore the other night who has a daughter that is 10yrs old. She is an angelic looking girl and her parents have raised her well. Her friends are all fine upstanding folks and she goes to school in a nice area so you can totally imagine how far her mothers heart, guts and jaw dropped when she was told that some of the kids in school had been watching porn on their iPods and iTouches etc.

10 yr olds, don't be silly, not my kid she has no sim so can only get internet at home.. err hello hotspots all over the place for free wi fi .. porn? you mean puberty blues surely?

no, no and no....

So she like the amazing woman she is not only tackled this issue with her daughter and has become much closer as a result but  put together a little how to for you to see if your sweet cheeks has been exposed to the same sort of filth.

Here is how to check the history and next week I will post on how to block it from happening again (in the meantime I would be removing the implement and having some good solid chats). If you want this in a document please feel free to email me for it as I, as is the author am happy to share the info to all who want it.

I know it is scary and I know it would be nice to just stick your head in the sand or put your fingers over your ears and sing "la,la,la,la" but you can't and you know you shouldn't.. the choice is yours and I just wanted to let you know that all the 4 surrounding schools had reported the same issue so I am sure it is happening in many others..

Oh me oh my.. I have another 5 yrs before this what on earth will they be doing then?!


  1. Good. On. You.

    Loved seeing you today. Such a pleasure, lovely. x

  2. Great post, it is just SO important to be on top of technology, to understand how it works so that you can be aware of things like this, as even in a 'nice school in a nice area' there are so many kids who are exposed to things they shouldn't be or are not supervised well enough and are happy to share it with all the other kids at school. (That sounds really judgemental, but it isn't meant to be, as I think a lot of parents by the time their children are 10 are working full time, and just don't have the time to be aware of everything that is going on).
    10 seems far to young, I know my little boy is pretty naive compared with many of the children in his class, but when 1 child discovers sites like this it tends to become viral throughout the school.
    Thanks for posting, so many blogs are about younger kids issues that it is nice to here what is 'normal' for 10 yr olds, even if it isn't something we want to hear.
    ~ Sannah


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