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Q&A with our Giveaway...

Why did you choose your business name?

- It was a name I inherited from our parent company in the UK but I really love it! It is such a fun play on words and fits our product and concept so well!

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

- Definitely working for myself and having the freedom to make my own decisions about when and where things happen and how. Having come from a big corporate environment that is really refreshing.

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few years?

- I moved back to Melbourne after 10 years in London and managed to launch two businesses in less than 12 months and I look back on the last 20 months and think I must have been mad but have learnt so much along the way and now find myself mentoring other small businesses and that is so rewarding and fun to watch them grow.

What inspires or motivates you?

- Happy customer feedback, seeing our posters getting major PR and great reviews and actually seeing orders come through which still gives me a buzz that people actually love them enough to buy them!

..and lastly tell me one things about yourself that you love but has nothing to do with business.

- I love design and interiors and have renovated a couple of apartments in London, I was very spoilt to travel extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East both for work and in my own time and miss being so far away from the rest of the world now that I am back in Oz. I find astrology fascinating and constantly wonder how we are all so aligned with the stars and how I am a such a Virgo through and through and drive myself nuts (and others too I think) with my ability to organise, lead and multi task! I believe in fate and absolutely everything happens for a reason!

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  1. Love these designs! So clever!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog today. Life is so busy but I do always pop over here to see which fantastic product you have. You have become my go to place for something special for our home xx


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