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and the gifts keep coming..

It is our birthday coming up but we are giving the presents.. ok so its not the norm but I like to think DTLL is not the norm anyhow!


Like what you see ? Want to win the stunning quilt AND the lamp that I will almost cry as I post out to the winner?.. get on over here and enter

More pressies to come 1 for every month our baby has been alive.. this is number 2... will you win one of the 12?

Back to the Simple Life..

OK that is sort of a lie as in, I am not back to a simple life myself but I am managing to search out the simple things in life and pursue them.

I haven't done grateful the past few weeks as I have been a little lost and been taking the time to find my balance. My work/life scenario has got way outta control.

I am identical to my friend Kelly in that I am an over achiever and to quote her "the need to over-achieve became a killer. I couldn’t deliver anything at the expected level. I had to surprise people. I needed to hear them say, “Wow, no one’s ever done this as well/ fast/awesomely as you have”. Well nothing has changed there but I have found my mini me over achiever in Cherie to help ease my work load. I have a fantastic network of people working with us (hello Petr, RJ, Mark, Adam, Jessie, Em and Michal with his Crew) but their skills are very unique and compartmentalised leaving me with the lions share..

There is always an excuse for not doing something enjoyable as I have to get X,Y or Z done but in the last 3 weeks I have been forcing myself to exercise more, to take the kids to the park, sit out the front of the house with them playing around me and even go to bed an hour earlier.

I have an iPad and iPhone with me all the time so I can check in and deal with emergencies so I am still working but I am enjoying the Simple things in Life..

I am grateful for the sun on my back whilst I run
I am grateful for visual delights of running along a coast line
I am grateful for taking a coffee from home to the park and just sitting
I am grateful for my kids smiles as I clamber rocks with them
I am grateful for sitting on the deck whilst my kids show me their scooter tricks
I am grateful for the time for cuddles
I am grateful for the feeling my life could be this way more often....



Harrington : The boys never stops eating and he is a such a skinny minny... takes after his Dad
Kitty : No idea where the lack of silly faces and the model poses have come but maybe she is taking after Mum (the old Mum that is ) and how cute does she look in this

Guest Curator - Mrs Uber

This weeks curator is the Uber cool and Uber special Kate AKA Uberkate. Kate is funny, original, very talented and smoking hot to top it all off.. as are her choices from DTLL..

click images for links to the items

If you love things Uber you should get over and Like her Facebook Page and of course our DTLL one too :)

I just had this and it was delish!!

Pinned it this morning and couldn't get it out of my head whilst running so just went and got ingredients and made it.. Oh me oh my.. I just had to randomly share x

You got the Nerve?...

to make nougat?

It is actually really easy to make.

No it is by no means healthy as it has truck loads of sugar but seriously get going on a test batch because it makes an awesome Christmas gift. Every time I have given it to anyone it hasn't lasted a minute and its all about the luxury at Christmas so blow the calories!!

Q&A with our Giveaway...

When did you start your business and how did it come about?

The idea for Earth Greetings was hatched in 2003 when I was playing around with photography & making cards & prints for fun while working in a very boring & un-creative desk job.  Before I took the leap from hobby to business I did quite a lot of research into environmentally friendly printing & paper. Because I thought if I was going to take responsibility for producing a new line of products, they had to have a low environmental footprint, something which mattered a lot to me & still does.  Once I got that right & printed my first card & wrap range, it just grew & snowballed from there!

Why did you choose your business name?

A very creative & clever friend of mine actually came up with that one! I was trying to think of a name encompassing my idea for ‘Earth friendly greeting cards.’  I thought Earth Greetings had a pretty good ring to it!

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

Though I’m often really busy with the business side of things, it’s when make time to head outside to take reference photos for the flora & fauna images I use in my designs.  I have to pinch myself – I’m actually making a living from illustrating pretty pictures!

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few years?

A highlight for me both business-wise & personally is the satisfaction I’ve gotten from our support of the Trees For Life organisation.  Through donations from sales of our Boxed Christmas Card Packs since 2008, Earth Greetings have enabled Trees For Life volunteers to plant over 27,000 native tree seedlings!  It gives me a real buzz to know something so positive is happening because of my little card business.

What inspires or motivates you?

All of the amazing volunteers who give their time to help save our environment and marine life from mining & deforestation inspire me.  I’m motivated by music, sunshine, cooking delicious vegan food, cycling, colour, nature, art in all it’s forms, friendships, great conversations that dream up big ideas.  Oh, and coffee!

and lastly tell me one things about yourself that you love but has nothing to do with business..

I’m afraid I will have to unveil my secret hobby – making awesome classic cocktails!  There’s a lot of love involved in making the perfect dry martini.

Lets get this party started..

Ok so DTLL turns one in November.. it will have been a massive year, so much fun, so much work, so much fun.. oh did I say that already? see that's how much fun it is :)

I do like to have a party and I adore doing them for my kids so as DTLL is definitely my third baby and possibly my last we are packing in the celebrations and starting now with maybe an 8 week duration?.. sounds good to me!!

Today is the start and you can win an $840 package from our gorgeous sellers on DTLL as seen in this picture..

 The winner will receive a Bedside Table from Incy Interiors, Moroccan Pouffe from Bohemian Living, Habitat Doona Set and Anne Claire Petit Elephant from Habitat Baby, 3 Prints from Poppy Studio and the Sock Monkey from Monkey & Me.

How do you win?.. hop over here and enter. Lots of more fun and games to come and I will keep you posted x



Kitty : Leading her brother off on adventures..
Harrington: In his Chay Chays school coat feeling grown up

Guest Curator - THE Baby Mac

I love to know what others love on Down that Little Lane. I love all our stores.. I know most of them well and we chat often so I am totally biased

As a result I am starting a series with a few of my favourite people, people I admire, people who have fabulous taste and people who make and do fabulous things curate "Their DTLL Collection" for me to share here.

First up is Baby Mac.. (well she has actually done two as she got carried away.. I SO like that )


click on images for product details

Beth writes the awesome blog Baby Mac and does the most hysterical "over the fence" series on iTunes. She is a top chick with a beautiful house and family and she chats about the stuff we all wanna chat about.. go check her out x

French Fries to Fight Over..

I made these the other day and when I make another batch.. I will fight for them all. in fact they were so good I may only make them at lunch on my non kid days.. no one will know and I won't have to admit I can't share!!

What food would you fight to the death for?

Pretty in Pink for this Pinterest Pro..

Last weekend I was named as a Pinterest Pro on Creature Comforts Blog and I loved the three pictures Ez chose to represent me.. so this week I am following up with a Pretty in Pink theme...

Q&A with our Giveaway

When did you start your business and how did it come about?

I fell into business almost immediately after finishing uni. I always made my own clothes because I wanted something a little bit different. People always asked me where I got my outfits from and then asked me if I could make for them too. Things snowballed from there until I needed to employ people to sew for me eventually. I had a seasonal collection and sold in many small local boutiques in the UK. I worked in my own business for 7 years in the late 1990s until I went into teaching. After teaching for 15 years in the UK and Vietnam, I decided to start my own label again when I moved to Australia.

Why did you choose your business name?

I have a fairly unusual name – it’s one that people can remember easily so it seemed to make sense to use it!

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

For me it has been working in different countries and cultures and the inspirations that that has given me has shaped the way I design.

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few years?

I think the main highlight for me was taking the first step to leave the UK in 2007 and begin teaching fashion design in Vietnam. After this first step it was much easier for me to make the following moves to Melbourne and then to Shanghai. Working in different places and having a change of scenery makes designing much more interesting because the change of place makes you change your design methods and things change and develop in a more interesting way.

What inspires or motivates you?

Even though I haven’t lived there for some years I’m still totally inspired by British designers. Wherever I am, I always look to what’s going on the UK for my main source of inspiration.

and lastly tell me one things about yourself that you love but has nothing to do with business..

I’ll try almost anything once, if not twice, just to be sure!

And the Winner is...

The winner of our Little Blue Zebra Giveaway is...

Congratulations Ruth, we will be in touch this week to get those to you x


Kitty: Ever the acrobatic adventurer will clearly be sporty...
Harrington : At least twice daily " Mummy, I come cuddle you?" Long may it last

I am now...

It is R U OK? Day... I wasn't but I am now.

It is so important to recognise when you need to reach out and not to be scared to  admit a small amount of defeat. Back on this day I had a bit of a lightbulb moment. It was a sad day remembering someone who had been struggling but never hadn't managed to say no when they were asked R U OK? so why was it a light bulb for me? I cried that day and I cried for both Averil and myself as I realised I hadn't yet had the strength to say "No".

I am always one for setting goals so the next time someone asked R U OK? I said "No" and from there I opened up, I spoke to those I care about and those who care about me and now I am OK. I am grateful that person asked and I am thankful I managed to say 'No"

I took a lot for me to do that but just think if no one had asked? I might still be all alone and not OK.

If you see someone looking a little lost, if you see someone sobbing, if you see someone just not being themselves please do ask R U OK? You might just ask them on that day they promised not to say "No".

Go be that ray of sunshine in someones day and ask R U OK?

The Simple Things..

For me it is often the simple things that I love the most.. comfort food is one of those things and this mash is the best I have ever tasted....

Whats your favourite food?

Boho Stylin'

click on images for source

The Red Garage Sale..

I adore Lisa's work and just have to do a quick share as she is having a clear out of stock, no seconds just that she is changing her path creative wise so will no longer be stocking these divine goodies..


Q&A with our Giveaway

When did you start your business and how did it come about?

My sister, Lucy, and I grew up seeing our dad illustrating beautiful picture books for children. Following the birth of Lucy's first baby in 2010, the idea for Little Blue Zebra was also born - we thought it would be lovely to make his much adored illustrations available as prints. Between us we now have three little ones, so it's good fun (as well as challenging at times!) running our business around them - Granny is an invaluable child minder!

Why did you choose your business name?

We had a family brainstorming session to try and think up a company name. We wanted something a bit unusual and memorable. The zebra image has always been admired by others over the years and, although you wouldn't think of zebras as being blue, there is quite a lot of blue in the baby zebra illustration as well as the background. 'Little Blue Zebra' was suggested and it was a hit amongst us all - we frequently get positive comments about our company name whenever we ring someone up and say where we are calling from!

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

Launching the company after months and months of planning, designing and sourcing materials for our prints and packaging was a major moment for the whole family team. Seeing orders coming through for the first time was so exciting - it still is!

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few years?

With backgrounds in environmental conservation and graphic design, we didn't know very much at all about setting up a company before we began. We're by no means experts now but it's amazing how many new things we have learnt and achieved in the past couple of years. It's been an exciting journey and we're looking forward to what the future holds.

What inspires or motivates you?

We've recently started doing shows which is good fun and means we get to meet lots of lovely customers face to face. It's really inspiring to hear their positive feedback. We already have exciting ideas for new products which we hope to launch in the near future. Meeting customers at the shows gives us lots more ideas which we immediately want to go back and start doing as well!