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Back to the Simple Life..

OK that is sort of a lie as in, I am not back to a simple life myself but I am managing to search out the simple things in life and pursue them.

I haven't done grateful the past few weeks as I have been a little lost and been taking the time to find my balance. My work/life scenario has got way outta control.

I am identical to my friend Kelly in that I am an over achiever and to quote her "the need to over-achieve became a killer. I couldn’t deliver anything at the expected level. I had to surprise people. I needed to hear them say, “Wow, no one’s ever done this as well/ fast/awesomely as you have”. Well nothing has changed there but I have found my mini me over achiever in Cherie to help ease my work load. I have a fantastic network of people working with us (hello Petr, RJ, Mark, Adam, Jessie, Em and Michal with his Crew) but their skills are very unique and compartmentalised leaving me with the lions share..

There is always an excuse for not doing something enjoyable as I have to get X,Y or Z done but in the last 3 weeks I have been forcing myself to exercise more, to take the kids to the park, sit out the front of the house with them playing around me and even go to bed an hour earlier.

I have an iPad and iPhone with me all the time so I can check in and deal with emergencies so I am still working but I am enjoying the Simple things in Life..

I am grateful for the sun on my back whilst I run
I am grateful for visual delights of running along a coast line
I am grateful for taking a coffee from home to the park and just sitting
I am grateful for my kids smiles as I clamber rocks with them
I am grateful for sitting on the deck whilst my kids show me their scooter tricks
I am grateful for the time for cuddles
I am grateful for the feeling my life could be this way more often....


  1. I have been trying to do the same just slow down and enjoy moments with my family.
    And the past few weeks I have found that I really have been able to breathe a bit more.
    But the next six weeks are INSANE! Work and assignments for my Masters and birthdays and a Halloween party!
    I am going to try to take one thing at a time...and hopefully I will still find a few moment to just be!

    Hope you have a great weekend filled with the simple things!

  2. What lovely 'little things' you have on your list Tessa. Hope you seek out many more. :)

  3. I hear you! we need to remember the simple things & enjoy every moment especially as the kids grow up so fast. Enjoy! xx

  4. Oh Tessa, I don't often comment as I am a bit of a quiet lurker sorry, but this just so hit a spot with me as it is EXACTLY how I feel at the moment trying to juggle a full time job, family, blog, and life. My priorities have all been so wrong and finding my way back to simpler is my Latinate goal. I hope you find that balance and you enjoy your own version of simpler too. Xx

  5. Beautiful things to be grateful for Tessa after all life is too short to miss the simple pleasures in life!

    Steph x

  6. I find it's the little things, that often get taken for granted, are the ones that give us most joy when we take time to enjoy them (a cuddle, breathing in fresh air, a monent of solitude). It's nice to be reminded to be grateful for them. xx

  7. Lovely list Tessa. I am an over achiever and struggle to say no or let go of some control but I am trying. I am trying so I am happier, less stressed and enjoy more fun with my kids. Sometimes it's good to step back for a bit.
    Great post.

  8. You are a superstar, no doubt about it. But even the stars get time off during the day, Tessa. I hope you continue to be kind to yourself, you are so worth it! Enjoy the moment. Enjoy each achievement, no matter how small. Enjoy being you a thousand times a day. x


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