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Domestic Godess on the Go..

These days I am often ravenous when it comes to dinner time as I have eaten insufficiently over the course of the day. Combine that with too tired to think (probably also half from lack of proper food..derrr) and a home cooked dinner is so not on the radar.

I do however have a cheat that works wonders and is easy as pie... walnut pesto. I not only make this up easy as pie from basil in our veggie patch and I then don't bottle it but put it in a ice cube tray and let it freeze. Each time you need a serve you just whack on some pasta, pop out two cubes, a lil butter and some extra parmesan and hey presto. it works wonders if you have some spare veggies too.. frozen peas are fab and I love some mushrooms in there...


  1. Oh nice, I too have an abundant supply of basil at the moment, so it is a good idea to freeze for later on. Has to have lots of garlic..yummy!x

  2. Yum! Pinning this for when my basil is on the go! :)


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