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French Fries to Fight Over..

I made these the other day and when I make another batch.. I will fight for them all. in fact they were so good I may only make them at lunch on my non kid days.. no one will know and I won't have to admit I can't share!!

What food would you fight to the death for?


  1. Ice cream. Definitely.
    I am so possessive of my ice cream that when we get some we have to get two for me and one for Daddy R...and he gets a flavour he knows I don't like so I don't dip into his as well!

  2. Yum Yum, they look so good Tessa! Chocolate would have to be the food I fight for. Nom nom nom!

  3. Oh yum they look delicious Tessa! x

  4. Oh my!! I think I need to be making some of them.
    I'd always fight for savoury over sweet. Every time. xx


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