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Guest Curator - THE Baby Mac

I love to know what others love on Down that Little Lane. I love all our stores.. I know most of them well and we chat often so I am totally biased

As a result I am starting a series with a few of my favourite people, people I admire, people who have fabulous taste and people who make and do fabulous things curate "Their DTLL Collection" for me to share here.

First up is Baby Mac.. (well she has actually done two as she got carried away.. I SO like that )


click on images for product details

Beth writes the awesome blog Baby Mac and does the most hysterical "over the fence" series on iTunes. She is a top chick with a beautiful house and family and she chats about the stuff we all wanna chat about.. go check her out x


  1. Loveee the grey & yellow chair! Those are my colors in my place and I've been searching for ages a good chair!!

    Steph :)

  2. If only I could make shopping my job!

  3. I do so love her house!
    And of course I love all the things she has picked out here.

    What a fun idea...I am going to like the guest curator posts!

  4. If only we could all make shopping our job!
    Great choices Beth.
    That table has been on my DTLL wish list for a while. One day it will be ours...

  5. I want that grey and yello chair too!!


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